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Sylmar, California

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I'm the 3rd child. . .born on the 3rd day. . .of the 3rd month. . .the 1st 3 letters of my first name are the same as the 1st 3 letters of the month I was born in. . .I am of the 3rd generation of. . .Whitehorse The Man. . .I was raised by my ~Maternal Grandparents~ from the time I was 3 days old. . .I am the proud mom of 3 wonderful Corgis, Andy 9 yrs, Hilary 2 yrs, Nutmeg 2 yrs and of course Peanut, 8 yrs. I have 4 VERY independent Cats, Maximillian, Badger, Sammie and Duke. . . .I also have 8 Doves. . . .I enjoy Archaeology, Paleoarchaeology, Geology, Geoarchaeology, Paleontology and Anthropology. . . .I play piano and guitar. . .I enjoy creating websites. . .American Indian Beadwork and in my spare time, I enjoy watching my iTunes Libray (over 2,500 movies) and my AppleTV. What more can I want?. . .maybe another ~Corgi~???? LOL

Welsh Corgi Breeder?
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In the last couple of years, I've lost my beautiful fur-babies, Sid, Babs and Cloe. Like all who have lost their fur-babies, it's a pain that never goes away. I think of them always even though I have 3 Corgis and Peanut to keep me busy, they are close to my heart. My new additions, Hilary and Nutmeg are twins even though you would never know it by looking at them. They are full of energy and love playing, chasing and relaxing with their big brothers. My older Pupsters welcomed them into their world right away and they love them as much as I do. . .they have taken them under their paws and are teaching them all the do(s) and don't(s). They look forward to their morning walks, enjoy their chewies, stuffed toys and going to the doggie park. . .I can't imagine life without them. . . .WHO KNEW????"


My 3 wonderful Corgis, a joy to behold
with short stocky legs
and a heart of solid gold.

Protective and fearless, yet loving and true
3 Corgis that bring sunshine
to turn dark skies blue.

Asleep by my chair, or playing outside
I love my 3 Corgis
right here by my side.

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  • wanda jane smith

    Hello there!  We got Baby, our 3 yr old now when he was 6 wks old cause I wanted a smaller dog that I could pick up.  Our last Chow, Curly Bear passed away after 11 1/2 yrs old, he was a whopping 100 lbs!   Baby has gotten more lovey dovey this past year.  Right now I am not allowed to walk him due to back & hip surgery recovery - hopefully by December I start again.  Baby is a sable with 1 blue eye & 1 brown eye.

  • Patricia Misic

    Thank you so much for the add. Looking forward to seeing all you are offering and doing.

  • wanda jane smith

    Hope you and yours are having a great day! Stay safe there in California.