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I live here in CA with my, two animals, Baden (my corgi) and yoda (my cat). I love to go out and have fun with everyone as im very active and i have a passion for animals.

Welsh Corgi Breeder?
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Teddy was my first corgi and he was bluie tri and was born Nov. 27,2009, he died November 22. just a few days before his birthday :'( He was very kind and gentle. His favorite game was tug of war. He was always carrying his rope around to play lol. He was my little buddy.he loved kids and was in the middle of doing therapy before he passed. he really enjoyed making people and him had the strongest bond u could imagine and i felt truly blessed to have him in my life and miss him everyday. he truly left his mark on my heart. R.I.P i do have a new corgi now and his name is baden. he is fearless and crazy fun. he likes to get out and do things and be very active. he loves to be with people and play with other dogs at the dog park. at night he likes to lay on the couch with me so we can snuggle right before bed. he enjoys swimming just like how teddy did (R.I.P) which makes me smile every time. he is a good boy and will be your best friend the moment u meet him

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  • Natalie, Lance &Tucker

    Rebecca, thanks for the sweet words.  I appreciate it.  So glad I found this site. 

  • Vicky Hay

    Hi, Rebecca--  Hope this reaches you. I'm not sure how to use this part of the website.

    Yes, I do feed my dogs actual real, cooked food, although right now they're on FreshPet because I've been enjoying a spate of surgery. As soon as I feel up for it, though, we'll be back to the real stuff. I've described how I make this food at my website, Funny about Money:

    In the years since I wrote that post, some of the cooking strategy has changed. I now look for boneless meats (boneless chicken thighs,  Costco's version of "country style" spareribs, hamburger, whatEVER) and cook the  meat in a slow cooker. You can also cook sweet potato in with the meat, when you use a slow cooker. Then all that remains is to cook up and grind or chop the veggies. In a pinch, I put a few handsful of frozen veggies into the slow cooker one time but found it hard to break them up, once they were cooked, into reasonable doggie size. It's easier to microwave frozen veggies until they're just cooked, run them through the blender or food processor, and mix them in with the cooked meat and starch.

    Bear in mind that dogs can develop allergies to various proteins. Ruby is currently allergic to beef (and indeed, beef is one of the commonest canine allergens, because dog food manufacturers rely so heavily on it). You can minimize this tendency (but probably not get rid of it) by varying the types of meat you feed the dog. I rotate as many different kinds of meat as I can get my  hands on (excluding beef, unfortunately) -- at Thanksgiving, for example, you can often get turkey very cheaply (not boneless, alas, but what the heck). Also sometimes ethnic stores sell various meats. Organ meats such as liver and kidney can be used.

    Be careful not to feed your dog anything that contains onion or garlic, as these are both toxic to canids -- that's one reason you shouldn't feed your dogs from your own plate. Chocolate, of course, is toxic, as is anything that contains caffeine. So are grapes and raisins. Avocado is said to be bad for dogs, but I do not know if this is true. Here's a fun listicle on things dogs can eat:


  • Vicky Hay

    Boyoboy, it sure DOES get expensive!!  Y'know, i think you have to do what's right for you and not worry about any extraneous theories. Whatever ;-)