So...I was petting Rufus the other day and I noticed that he had a big area on his tummy where he didn't grow hair. I couldn't believe that there was no hair on him right there! I am pretty sure that corgi's are some of the hairiest mammals out there. So I become kind of concerned. I remember seeing it a few months ago, but I swear it was smaller. I just attributed it to a bit cowlick.

Anyway, I look closely and I see a ring on the hairless part of his tummy. My first thought is, "Oh no. He has ring worm." On Saturday, I take him to the vet. And it's not ring worm.

It was his belly button.

I kid you not. But to be fair, the vet had to ask a second oppinion because Rufus has what you would call an outie. It doesn't poke all the way out, it's just slightly raised.

I was a little embarassed. But at least they didn't charge me. If you can't tell by my pic, I am a blond-like my mom says. I hope my true story makes someone laugh.

Anyone else have any funny vet stories?

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Kara's belly has the same black polka dots. I wonder if they all do... HMMMMM.


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