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"Not sure if it is just my dog, but bully sticks seem to last quite awhile. Seems like she chews on…"
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Barking and fearfulness of strangers?

Posted by Chelsea Meredith on May 23, 2015 at 1:46pm 2 Comments

The other day my Gutie (14 weeks old) decided to just start barking at strangers and when people approached he gets fearful and hides behind me. He wasn't like this before! He used to bound up to strangers for pets and kisses! He is very well socialized around people and other dogs. To my knowledge he hasn't had any bad experiences with people at all that would lead to this. Has anyone else experienced this? I don't want it to lead to more fearfulness or aggression later! :(

Potty training/crate training tips?

Posted by Chelsea Meredith on May 22, 2015 at 10:44am 4 Comments

Gutie is nearing the 15 week mark and he's doing well with his potty training; he is still a baby so accidents are ok. He needs to go out every 1.5/2hrs or he'll potty in the house, is that normal at his age? I crate him at night and he holds it the whole night (bedtime at 8:30, no water after 7pm except for an ice cube or two, potties before bed). I've been told that more crate training will help his bladder control, but I'm not sure how exactly to go about that? I put him in there for naps… Continue


Flying with my Corgi and keeping her BUSY

Started by Lael Pascual in Other. Last reply by Holly 1 hour ago. 1 Reply

My corgi, Luna is a super traveler, I mean that.  She has been rock climbing and done repels.  She loves kayaking, and surfing.  She does it all.  I recently moved to a state much farther away from my extended family so I need to get Luna used to…Continue

Tags: flying, Travel


Started by Karen Knuff in Regional Events ONLY. Last reply by Lael Pascual 17 hours ago. 8 Replies

I am just wondering about other people who crate their corgis overnight with the door closed.  My Tilly, now 9 months old, loves going in there at bedtime and also sleeps there during the day if she is super sleepy, but with the door open.  She…Continue


Started by megumi nakamura in Corgi Health. Last reply by megumi nakamura yesterday. 26 Replies

12-yr-old-Alie's having DM (degenerative myelopathy), can hardly lift up her left back leg well. She sill walks and sometimes looks normal but it's getting worse as I see. Thinking of buying a stroller, just take her outside to do her business.…Continue

Cauda Equina Syndrome

Started by Laurie and Sadie in Corgi Health. Last reply by Laurie and Sadie yesterday. 12 Replies

Does anyone have any experience with cauda equina syndrome? My Sadie was just diagnosed with it and isn't handling meds well. I'm getting worried. Please let me know your experience.

Herding Children

Started by Heidi in Corgi Behavior. Last reply by Heidi yesterday. 11 Replies

Any tips on training a corgi not to herd children? I know they are herding dogs, so I expected it to happen..I've tried the coins in a soda can, a squirt bottle, yelping, screeching, yelling no...any tips would he lovely. Thank you!

Exercise before fully vaccinated?

Started by Jenna in Corgi Health. Last reply by Jenna on Friday. 9 Replies

I have a new Corgi puppy, she is 10 weeks old.  She is SUCH a doll.  I work 8-4:30 M-F and I live alone with my Chihuahua.  I am trying to make sure my new Corgi, Sicily, gets enough mental stimulation and exercise before she is fully vaccinated.I…Continue

Tags: training, play, exercise

Corgis Available for adoption in the SLC, UT area!

Started by Jennifer & Nigel in Rescue, Adoption, Rehoming Classified. Last reply by Stephanie on Thursday. 1 Reply

I saw this guy on KSL were available for adoption…Continue

Tumor! Oh no! :(

Started by Starry in Corgi Health. Last reply by Becky Focht on Tuesday. 21 Replies

I found a tumor on Madison yesterday. I'm taking her to the vet today but I'm all worried about how much its removal is going to cost and with whether or not it's cancerous. I just got this dog in January and I was so lucky to get her. It was pretty…Continue

"Don't look into his eyes..."

Started by John Wolff in Corgi Behavior. Last reply by Geri & Sidney May 18. 7 Replies

Science 17 April 2015 pp. 274, 280 $ 333"Don't look into his eyes," I often warn passersby of Al.  "That's how they control our minds."It's true.So these idiot scientists have figured out that the mutual eye-gazing behavior between dog & human…Continue

Tags: gazing, eye, science, oxytocin, human

Neuture? Or breed?

Started by Brenda & Pemmy in Other. Last reply by Jane Christensen May 17. 12 Replies

Hi everyone,It's been two months since Pem entered our home. We are in love with her. She's a fast learner, almost house broken, listens to her name. Everyone loves her. I'm spending a lot of time socialising her. I'm taking her everywhere: play…Continue

Tags: Breeding

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Herding Children

Posted by Heidi on May 18, 2015

2 Cauda Equina Syndrome

Cauda Equina Syndrome

Posted by Laurie and Sadie on May 18, 2015

3 Weight Normal?

Weight Normal?

Added by Chelsea Meredith on May 20, 2015

4 Potty training/crate training tips?

Potty training/crate training tips?

Added by Chelsea Meredith on May 22, 2015

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