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The Dog Food Jamboree

Posted by Vicky Hay on April 23, 2015 at 3:30pm 0 Comments

As anyone who's been paying attention knows, one of my strangest quirks is that I feed my dogs real food: cooked meat, starches, vegetables and fruits, unadulterated by anything that came from a lab bench. This has worked exceptionally well in the past and it continues to do so:

• Ruby and Cassie maintain their normal weight. Neither dog is overweight or underweight.

• Their…



Wants to eat everything...and I mean EVERYTHING!

Started by Dan Hunsucker in Corgi Behavior. Last reply by Ran Tao 16 hours ago. 9 Replies is this normal? I know that corgis are chow hounds by nature but my little guy is wanting to put everything in his mouth and then attempts to eat it...and I mean everything! Dirt, rocks, flowers, weeds, grass, sticks, name it…Continue

Corgi Carriers

Started by Holly in Information & Directory. Last reply by Anna Morelli on Saturday. 2 Replies

I'm hoping someone knows what I am looking for and where I might find it. I recently saw a dog carrier on a TV show that looked like an infant carrier. I think it could be used as a front or rear carrier. It had holes for the front legs and the…Continue

Tags: Carriers, Pet, Back

Barking and Biting Issue

Started by Paige Coffer in Corgi Behavior. Last reply by Holly on Friday. 6 Replies

Hey guys!We've had Booker for two weeks now, he is a 9 week old Pembroke. He's is super smart. The last two weeks we've taught him: sit, down, up, shake, leave it, kissies, quiet, and now roll over. I didn't think he'd learn that quickly but he's so…Continue

Tags: aggression, puppy, barking, chewing, nipping

calling all runners!

Started by Rebecca Marie O'Bryan in Other. Last reply by Jane Christensen on Friday. 1 Reply

i want to know, what do you use to carry your things when running. either alone or with a pup. i cant seem to find what looks to be a good product that isnt too bulky or heavy to run with baden to carry just a water bottle and collapsible bowl for…Continue

Any Pups from Smithshire Glen Corgis?

Started by Orange corgi mum in Breeders Review on Wednesday. 0 Replies

HiAre there any members with corgis from Smithshire glen Corgis in Loomis CA, Breeder Debora Smith?I have a red headed tri from Gideon & Allie of Smithshire Glen-born May , 2014, live in Orange County CAWould love to meet other family members!Continue


Probiotics, any recommendation?

Started by Anna Morelli in Corgi Health. Last reply by Anna Morelli on Wednesday. 24 Replies

My 15 yr. older dog  is on a two week course of antibiotics for an abscessed tooth and I cringe to think of what that  does to her intestinal flora.    I can add some yogurt to her food, but that is milk based and I wonder if the dog will get…Continue

Tags: Probiotics

Dog park etiquette, must VENT

Started by Bogart the Cardigan in Other. Last reply by Marina Holshevnikoff Apr 20. 18 Replies

I know many of you are completely against visits to the dog park - so if you are - stop reading now.  Bogart is VERY social and since he is an only dog I arrange play dates, go to meet ups and also to the park that is 5 minutes from our home. The…Continue

Tags: parks, dog

itchy skin still

Started by Rebecca Marie O'Bryan in Corgi Health. Last reply by Rebecca Marie O'Bryan Apr 19. 21 Replies

so after a week and seeing the vet, Baden still has itchy red skin. hes miserable and the benadryl helps (which the vet said to keep doing)  but the moment i think everything is ok his skin flairs up again and goes mad itching and chewing himself.…Continue

500 corgis invade Califofrnia beach

Started by John Wolff in Corgi Jokes. Last reply by Aber, Ragnar and Kelso Apr 18. 13 Replies

Global warming, drought, terrierism, and now this:  is there no end?500 corgis invade California beachSo far, the toll of dead and missing stands at…Continue

Tags: flash, mob, disaster, corgis, invasion

Don't Worry, Li'l Doggie...Be Happy

Started by Vicky Hay in Regional Events ONLY. Last reply by Denis J. Apr 17. 10 Replies

Wonders never cease! Didn't know whether to laugh or fall off my desk chair when this report came up on the local news.Continue

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1 Barking and Biting Issue

Barking and Biting Issue

Posted by Paige Coffer on April 22, 2015

2 Wynn turns 10!

Wynn turns 10!

Added by Jane Christensen on April 22, 2015

3 Snoopy's story continues---A teaser...

Snoopy's story continues---A teaser...

Added by Sarah K on April 20, 2015

4 Corgi Carriers

Corgi Carriers

Posted by Holly on April 25, 2015

5 Wants to eat everything...and I mean EVERYTHING!

Wants to eat everything...and I mean EVERYTHING!

Posted by Dan Hunsucker on April 19, 2015


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