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Another eye question

Posted by Carol on March 30, 2015 at 6:27pm 24 Comments

I just witnessed her 5th eye injury-she was chasing a rabbit, hit a pile of cement my neighbor dumped over here and won't move and flew over the fence.  I heard a yelp, not sure if it was her or the rabbit. She thought the rabbit was in the tree and kept circling the tree and barking over there.  These are the kind of neighbors who'd cause trouble if they caught her over there, so I finally got her back here and she was acting a little "off" and sure enough a couple hours later, her eye was…


Bombur and Thorin

Posted by Charlee & Ally on March 30, 2015 at 2:06pm 3 Comments

The bunnies are here!!! They're called Netherland Dwarfs. Mom was very slow about the whole introducing thing, but once it happened, I was glued to them. Mom and Dad named them Bombur and Thorin from this movie called "The Hobbit". They come out to play all the time. They dispense these little round things that smell like grass. I tried one without mom looking and they're really good, but mom caught me one day and said I couldn't eat them. It's okay though, I still get to play with the…



Applesace Question

Started by Holly in Corgi Health. Last reply by Anna Morelli 5 hours ago. 9 Replies

Well, it's good news/bad news. Sully finally figured out how to bark to let me know she needs to go out. The bad news is she figured it out because she became frantic since she has to go out immediately and often today as she woke with diarrhea. She…Continue

Backpackers' bearproof food containers are not corgi-proof.

Started by John Wolff in Other. Last reply by Anna Morelli 10 hours ago. 4 Replies

For years, wilderness backpackers have relied on rigid bear-proof containers to protect their food from bears and to prevent bears from becoming dangerously habituated to human food.  They are typically too large and rounded for even a grizzly bear…Continue

Tags: backpacking, Bear_Vault, bear_can, Ursack, Bearikade

itchy skin still

Started by Rebecca Marie O'Bryan in Corgi Health. Last reply by Rebecca Marie O'Bryan 13 hours ago. 16 Replies

so after a week and seeing the vet, Baden still has itchy red skin. hes miserable and the benadryl helps (which the vet said to keep doing)  but the moment i think everything is ok his skin flairs up again and goes mad itching and chewing himself.…Continue

Ella lost her best friend :(

Started by Cindy Lincoln in Regional Events ONLY. Last reply by Vicky Hay 19 hours ago. 19 Replies

My Ella lost her best friend, Maverick on Tuesday.  We had to help him over the rainbow bridge as he was suffering in the last stages of cancer.  Our household is a very sad place right now.  I am trying to spend time with Ella and comfort her. …Continue

Post-Neuter Ears?

Started by C_Weiser in Corgi Health. Last reply by Vicky Hay 19 hours ago. 1 Reply

Hi fellow Corgi parents!I have another floppy-eared question, but I think it’s a little different than most:Tucker, my Pembroke, is adorably… frustrating. He will be 8 months old on the 2nd. He was a floppy eared little puppy, but they perked up…Continue

Tags: growth, neuter, floppy, Ears

Attacking the sliding doors!

Started by Karen Knuff in Corgi Behavior. Last reply by Vicky Hay yesterday. 14 Replies

I have posted before about Tilly chasing cars, and some of you didn't like the way I was training her to stop doing it.  You will like that I now use a tuna fish can filled with pebbles, covered with duct tape and take that to shake whenever we are…Continue

Tags: excited, biting, agitated, doors, sliding

What can I expect from my 9 month old corgi?

Started by Nicole Adams in Corgi Behavior. Last reply by Vicky Hay yesterday. 3 Replies

In a few days my Corgi, Sully, will be 9 months old. I'm interested in what kind of behavioral changes (if any) should I suspect. Recently he's been having a few accidents (everything from bathroom accidents to chewing up the kitchen floor). It…Continue

My corgi can't go potty on his own

Started by Ran Tao in Regional Events ONLY. Last reply by Karen Dadisman yesterday. 3 Replies

I guesss you can say we trained him well. Even with the dog door open he would not go out on his own. He doesn't bark or do anything that would suggest his needs to go out. Of course when I take him out he pees for 30 seconds or longer. He will go…Continue

Trick Training

Started by susan in Corgi Behavior. Last reply by susan yesterday. 18 Replies

Hi all.  I thought trick training might be a fun topic to talk about.  Trick training for Jeli and I has been a great way to establish a really close bond and it engages her little brain in hopes of tiring her out occasionally.  I thought maybe we…Continue

MN Corgi may need a new home.

Started by Jane Christensen in Rescue, Adoption, Rehoming Classified. Last reply by Jane Christensen yesterday. 6 Replies

Possible Corgi up for adoption: I got a call from the local Humane Society that I volunteer for and they may have a young (around 1 year) old Corgi being surrendered. The Dad had the dog and got sick, one of the children has him but they feel like…Continue

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1 Ella lost her best friend :(

Ella lost her best friend :(

Posted by Cindy Lincoln on March 26, 2015

2 Found a great harness

Found a great harness

Posted by Beth on March 29, 2015

3 Applesace Question

Applesace Question

Posted by Holly on April 1, 2015

4 MN Corgi may need a new home.

MN Corgi may need a new home.

Posted by Jane Christensen on March 29, 2015

5 Trip to the Beach

Trip to the Beach

Added by Lawren and Teddy on March 26, 2015


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