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Posted by Kristen Nicole on January 25, 2015 at 5:59pm 1 Comment

Pure puppy bliss! I am so happy and proud to be a corg mommy! What an eventful day our family had yesterday :)

We started our journey at about 11am knowing we had a 3 hour car ride ahead of us to Wittman, AZ! But of course...we had to stop in Goodyear to get a chicken sandwich at Red Robin! Mmm... Living in the middle of nowhere sometimes gets ya realllll excited for normal food! 

Onward! I knew only about 40 minutes away there was a little Nug waiting for me!…


It's Been A While...

Posted by Autumn and Jonathan on January 25, 2015 at 12:31pm 0 Comments

Since I did an update or even really spoke much for that matter.

It has finally come down to the wire. We thought we were going to be moved in to the new home by January, but now it seems like moving in to the new house in February is going to be the ultimate conclusion. The apartment is mostly empty now and we have only a few more items left to remove from the apartment and the precious cargo of course.

Dodger now has become full aware that there are windows. And…



Process of Elimination

Started by Holly in Other. Last reply by Linda 29 minutes ago. 2 Replies

I am curious about solutions recently discussed to help dogs go in the snow. Last year Sully was always able to find some patch of shoveled area to go in, but this year has been more problematic. I know it was discussed online here recently, but I…Continue

Safe store bought treats

Started by Lucy & Ricky-Rafa (Wendy/Jack ) in Corgi Health. Last reply by Jane Christensen 41 minutes ago. 1 Reply

I know the best treats are homemade but I'm wondering if anyone can recommend treats that actually made in USA w/o any imported ingredients. Thanks for any help.Continue

Good chewies for the adolescent corgi

Started by Kristen & Rory in Corgi Behavior. Last reply by Jane Christensen 1 hour ago. 21 Replies

Well, we have reached full-blown stubborn, chewy, crazy adolescence. I am convinced that his cuteness and hilarity will save him, but it doesn't look to be saving much else. :) Rory is 9 months old this week and is quite the chomper, even with good…Continue

Cat grass

Started by Marcie in Other. Last reply by Marcie 5 hours ago. 5 Replies

I've been keeping a pot of cat grass going for Mokey so she will leave my plants alone. Becca now thinks a few sprigs of grass is a great treat. I've been giving her a few pieces whenever I'm in that part of the kitchen. It makes sense that Becca…Continue

Saying good bye to corgi

Started by Marianne Timko in Regional Events ONLY. Last reply by Marianne Timko 6 hours ago. 5 Replies

I cannot believe this. This morning Corgi is almost back to her normal self. She is a happy camper. Her sister Brooke is on anti inflammatory medication so I started to give Corgi one this morning and it was a miracle. The vet says to give her half…Continue

Stopped eating food

Started by Autumn and Jonathan in Corgi Behavior. Last reply by Jennifer Markley 6 hours ago. 10 Replies

So it's been a while since anything major has come up concerning Dodger. Now something really has come up that's extremely concerning. Dodger has stopped eating his food. The vet has found nothing wrong with him, he gets a decent amount of exercise,…Continue

Help with unruly corgi

Started by Javier del Rios in Corgi Behavior. Last reply by Vicky Hay 22 hours ago. 16 Replies

Hi. I was wondering if you could give me a hand with my dog´s behavior.He is a year and half and doesn´t obey a single command, if you call him he may or may not come, if you chastise him for something he will growl at you and raise his hackles, he…Continue

anyone run with their corgi?

Started by Rebecca Marie O'Bryan in Other. Last reply by Rebecca Marie O'Bryan on Friday. 6 Replies

for the past week i decided to include baden in with my workout routine as i feel bad when i go to the gym for cardio days and he stays behind. so i figured why not do both? get him his exercise and mine done far do u run with your…Continue

A couple of questions from a new corgi owner

Started by Lottie in Corgi Behavior. Last reply by Lottie on Friday. 16 Replies

Hello everyone!I decided to join this community after adopting a 7 months old pembroke who was rescued along with around 15other dogs from a breeder who kept tons of dogs in a truck all the time and traveled the country to breed them and sell the…Continue

Tags: children, scared, paws, tail, allergies

Saying Good Bye to our little girl Corgi

Started by Marianne Timko in Corgi Health. Last reply by Lottie on Friday. 14 Replies

Well, hello everyone. It has been a long time. My situation has improved. Still have Kissy, now almost 12. She is OK, not well but still ok.As some of you may recall, my first postings were about our Corgi named Corgi. We are about to lose her. She…Continue

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1 Help with unruly corgi

Help with unruly corgi

Posted by Javier del Rios on January 21, 2015

2 Saying Good Bye to our little girl Corgi

Saying Good Bye to our little girl Corgi

Posted by Marianne Timko on January 22, 2015

3 Something's in the fireplace

Something's in the fireplace

Posted by Lil' Winnie and Bandit on January 19, 2015



Added by Kristen Nicole on January 20, 2015

5 anyone run with their corgi?

anyone run with their corgi?

Posted by Rebecca Marie O'Bryan on January 20, 2015


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