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Corgi cuteness on you tube: Puppyhood in 365 days

Posted by Frances P Moloney on August 21, 2015 at 3:47pm 5 Comments

Am in the middle of watching the above clip on You Tube: it is the cutest thing ever!

NOT fleas...thank heaven!! And a crazy flea story...

Posted by Vicky Hay on August 15, 2015 at 12:09am 0 Comments

When I woke up the other day with a cluster of itchy bites on one arm, I thought "uh-oh." Having had, many years ago, a cat that suffered a serious flea infestation and having grown up in the Middle East, I do know what flea bites look like. These looked suspiciously familiar.

Wouldncha know it, Cassie and Ruby sleep on my bed.

So I dropped everything and began Flea Eradication. Mercifully, my house doesn't have carpets. So a vacuum attack is relatively easy to…



Just ordered Maddie's wheel chair

Started by Beth in Corgi Health. Last reply by susan on Thursday. 6 Replies

I've not updated for some time on Maddie.By early summer she was hardly walking and we took her to a rehab vet for a cart fitting.  The vet suggested we try cold laser therapy.  You may recall that we aren't sure if Maddie has DM or if her hips and…Continue

Tags: myelopathy, spondylosis, degenerative, chair, wheels

Lyme again

Started by Marcie in Corgi Health. Last reply by Beth on Wednesday. 9 Replies

Becca tested positive for Lyme disease today. She also had it in 2013. Then she wasn't showing symptoms and it was during a screening. This time she is feeling it. Two weeks ago while we were on vacation she injured her shoulder, minor injury, but…Continue

pet insurance(general)

Started by Carol in Corgi Health. Last reply by Linda Aug 25. 11 Replies

I have a general pet question, asking for my son.  Has anyone had pet insurance-is it worth it, do they pay, etc. Any specific co. stand out? I missed the dog flu on the news, friend called to let me know and my son, who is in Chicago area, His new…Continue

Introducing 2 Corgis to 2 Cats

Started by Taylor Bonham in Corgi Behavior. Last reply by Holly Aug 24. 10 Replies

Hi!I have 2 Corgis (One male, one female both 4 yrs old, same litter). I'm trying to move in with my boyfriend who has 2 cats (both male, 12 yrs old, same litter).He doesn't think that the animals will ever get along and that it's a hopeless case.My…Continue

Tags: Help, Introducing, Cat, Corgi

Katie Exploded!

Started by Linda in Regional Events ONLY. Last reply by Vicky Hay Aug 23. 6 Replies

One small epic hairball!Continue

Tags: shedding, fur

Uh oh... What do you tell a friend when trouble looms?

Started by Vicky Hay in Regional Events ONLY. Last reply by Vicky Hay Aug 19. 14 Replies

The other day I had breakfast with a friend, the partner of a very dear friend who has been so swamped in work lately that none of us have gotten together.Friend told me that one of their two dogs, a cute, aging wire-haired dachshund, had died, and…Continue

Hopeless Grass Burn, please HELP.

Started by Vic in Corgi Health. Last reply by Vicky Hay Aug 19. 9 Replies

So we have try pretty much everything, the grass rock, Nutri Vet Grass Guard Max and other stuff from Pet Smart. We even dig out all the lawn and replace with new grass. Now the new lawn start to get burn here and there.I have 3 Crogis, so the…Continue

What to do when a corgi loses a partner...? A sad topic, but maybe important.

Started by John Wolff in Corgi Health. Last reply by Anna Morelli Aug 17. 12 Replies

When a dog dies, is it advisable for its partner(s) to witness the death and/or its body?A recent (sad) photo essay in Harper's magazine showcased a wolf/dog hybrid rescue shelter in New England, run largely by veterans (these dogs -- possibly not…Continue

Tags: euthanasia, bridge, rainbow, death, DM

Treat for semi-supervised pen time?

Started by C_Lowe in Corgi Behavior. Last reply by Vicky Hay Aug 15. 8 Replies

I'm wondering if anybody has suggestions for treats to occupy Tegan's time when she's in the x-pen?  She seems to be just fine going to sleep in the crate her when I need to leave the house, but she's not very happy being in the x-pen when I just…Continue


Started by Heather & Ellie in Corgi Health. Last reply by John Wolff Aug 14. 29 Replies

Ellie had two seizures within 12 hours over the weekend. Based on her behavior, I suspect she's been having them for the past week when I've been gone. I took her to the emergency vet both times I saw the seizures, and the second time they admitted…Continue

Tags: epilepsy, seizure

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1 Just ordered Maddie's wheel chair

Just ordered Maddie's wheel chair

Posted by Beth on August 26, 2015

2 Dooley at the vet, waiting to get chemo

Dooley at the vet, waiting to get chemo

Added by Mattie, Dooley, and Duncan on August 23, 2015

3 Do I match?

Do I match?

Added by Jane Christensen on August 25, 2015

4 pet insurance(general)

pet insurance(general)

Posted by Carol on April 8, 2015

5 Lyme again

Lyme again

Posted by Marcie on August 24, 2015


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