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Those Corgi Spines...

Posted by Leah Radecki on April 12, 2019 at 12:21am 0 Comments

My corgi Ziggy has been my light since my mother passed away last summer. Ziggy was her dog, I inherited him and he gets along great with my other corgi, Gordon.

Ziggy's legs were suddenly unresponsive yesterday. After an MRI, we determined it was a herniated disc in his spine. He is in surgery as I write this post. Surgery I cannot afford.

If you are able to donate to Ziggy's GoFundMe me, I would appreciate it. Every $5 helps.…



Posted by bob wroe on April 6, 2019 at 11:54pm 2 Comments

Our 7 year old Riley has been taking meds for seizures, and recently diagnosed with diabetes. Two shots insulin per day  such an improvement. Any shared experiences most appreciated


Cushings/kidney issues

Started by Mary Sorce in Regional Events ONLY. Last reply by Mary Sorce Apr 26. 2 Replies

I’m not sure if this posted already—my last entry disappeared after typing. My corgi just turned 10 and over the last 6 months has developed several complex health issues. She has many  symptoms of cushings but has not tested positive in any of the…Continue

Corgi Behaviour Change after neuter

Started by Natsuhi Shirosaki in Regional Events ONLY Apr 16. 0 Replies

Hi Peeps,Latte just got neutered and there has been some behaviour change. some good some bad.The Good: He becomes even more attached and affectionate with us the hoomins. no more marking or going crazy over femalesThe bad: He suddenly develops a…Continue

Corgi Skin Problem, Please help!

Started by Bob in Corgi Health. Last reply by Natsuhi Shirosaki Apr 16. 1 Reply

Sorry, I put this in the discussion area first, then saw the health question area.Our 11 year old Corgi seems to have a migrating skin rash on her back. We took her to the vet and she  gave us a special shampoo as well as a skin spray. We are also…Continue

Fear After A Bad Boarding Experience

Started by georgiacorgi in Corgi Behavior. Last reply by Natsuhi Shirosaki Feb 27. 2 Replies

Hi all!I have come to this forum desperately seeking help for my girl!My corgi had a really bad experience at a boarding facility a couple of years ago while we were on vacation. Before dropping her off, I made sure to make the request that she NOT…Continue

Tags: socialization, nervous, fearful

Corgi coarse hair?

Started by Natsuhi Shirosaki in Regional Events ONLY. Last reply by Natsuhi Shirosaki Feb 27. 6 Replies

My pup is 6 months old now and he has long shiny coat compared to other corgis I met, but it is coarse. Hard. Sometimes it gets softer but sometimes its rough to touch. Is it the food? I groom him with fine tooth comb followed by furminator and…Continue

New behavior issues in 5y/o

Started by Cristy Sheppard in Corgi Behavior. Last reply by Natsuhi Shirosaki Feb 27. 2 Replies

My corgi is in the 5 year old range, and over the last few months he has gotten worse and worse with his alone time shenanigans.He has decided to chew and EAT whatever he can if he's home alone, which is an obvious problem. He's chewed up…Continue

My corgi doesn’t enjoy being pet

Started by Natsuhi Shirosaki in Regional Events ONLY Feb 27. 0 Replies

latte is very attached, he is literally the velcro mommy boy type of dog without having separation anxiety. HOWEVER he does not enjoy being pet/given scratches & I find that weird.anyone else corgi is the same?Continue

Help!! Corgi is yelping when I pet his sides, laying around a lot

Started by hope pedigo in Corgi Health. Last reply by GPN Jan 25. 4 Replies

2 days ago my Corgy started yelping randomly when he was touched, and he never yelps! I just figured he was being temperamental but Today he's yelping when I just pet his sides lightly? He yelped yesterday when I put him in and out of our van to go…Continue

Tags: sides, are, touched, when, Pain

So You Think You Want a Corgi

Started by Beth in Basic Breed Info. Last reply by Lois B. Allen Jan 23. 88 Replies

I've been wanting to write this for awhile and just found the time.  I hope people find it helpful.  I've gathered my information from personal experience, the stories of people on this site, and some reputable breed resources.  We regularly get…Continue

Tags: Traits, Characteristics, Personality, Breed, Cons

Seriously need help with peeing in the house issue

Started by Bea S in Corgi Health. Last reply by Vicky Hay Jan 16. 6 Replies

We really need some advice, but first I'll set up the situation. It's a long read :(We have a five year old male Corgi called Fortie. We got him as a three month old puppy and trained him up. By around six months he was fully house trained, no…Continue

Tags: pee

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