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calling all runners!

Started this discussion. Last reply by Jane Christensen 17 hours ago. 1 Reply

i want to know, what do you use to carry your things when running. either alone or with a pup. i cant seem to find what looks to be a good product that isnt too bulky or heavy to run with baden to…Continue

itchy skin still

Started this discussion. Last reply by Rebecca Marie O'Bryan on Sunday. 21 Replies

so after a week and seeing the vet, Baden still has itchy red skin. hes miserable and the benadryl helps (which the vet said to keep doing)  but the moment i think everything is ok his skin flairs up…Continue

my poor boy :( UPDATE: i need some help, itchy red skin

Started this discussion. Last reply by Rebecca Marie O'Bryan Mar 23. 22 Replies

i have no idea what is causing this but i need some help. Baden has NO fleas but yet is scratching him self like crazy all day and night. i gave him an oatmeal bath and that calmed his skin down for…Continue

grooming for show?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Rebecca Marie O'Bryan Mar 5. 8 Replies

hi everyone! so i am having Baden get his photos professionally taken and i want him to look his absolute best so i want him to look as though hes about to step into the show ring. i know it will be…Continue


Rebecca and Badens page ^_^ (R.I.P Teddy, i will always miss you<3)

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Jane Christensen replied to Rebecca Marie O'Bryan's discussion calling all runners!
"I have something but have never used it. I will try to get a pic and info on it this weekend as I have it packed away."
17 hours ago
Rebecca Marie O'Bryan posted a discussion

calling all runners!

i want to know, what do you use to carry your things when running. either alone or with a pup. i cant seem to find what looks to be a good product that isnt too bulky or heavy to run with baden to carry just a water bottle and collapsible bowl for him.also, if you do run with you pup, what leash do you use? i am torn because idk what would be better for him and comfortable for me. i was just running with a normal leash but the bouncing was annoying him and meSee More
Rebecca Marie O'Bryan replied to Rebecca Marie O'Bryan's discussion itchy skin still
"Baden LOVES coconut oil. he cant get enough of it lol"
Rebecca Marie O'Bryan replied to Rebecca Marie O'Bryan's discussion itchy skin still
"after switching Baden from the lamb and oatmeal flavor from natures variety to beef and barley i found his symptoms went away. so im thinking hes allergic to either the oatmeal or the lamb. hes off the steroids finally but was told to keep giving…"
Donna and Lilly replied to Rebecca Marie O'Bryan's discussion itchy skin still
"I give mine sardines in oil with their food, and also extra coconut oil.  It seems to help when allergies hit, just a benydril takes care of things.  Dont know if it will help, but it is cheap enough to try!"
Aber, Ragnar and Kelso replied to Rebecca Marie O'Bryan's discussion itchy skin still
"Has a food allergy been ruled out?   If not, you should try a food elmination diet---try a novel protein for 6 weeks and then you can slowly start reintroducing other ingredients.   You could try a dry food, although really you…"
Apr 18
Rebecca Marie O'Bryan liked Denis J.'s discussion Shower Hazards with Dogs
Apr 16
Rebecca Marie O'Bryan replied to Carol's discussion pet insurance(general)
"i dont have insurance for Baden but what i did end up doing, and so glad i did!, is i ended up going with banfeilds protection plan. it covered his dental cleaning, blood work, urine tests, shots, etc. which paid for its self in just the dental…"
Apr 8
Rebecca Marie O'Bryan replied to Kathleen Unsell & CODY's discussion Aggression
"im glad to hear Baden is not the only one to make corrections like that. people assume hes being aggressive when he simply correcting the other rude dogs behavior "
Apr 6
Rebecca Marie O'Bryan replied to Bogart the Cardigan's discussion Dog park etiquette, must VENT
"i know how u feel on this subject. for those who against dog parks need to realize not all of us have a yard or an open field to let our dogs loose and run. which is what i have done in the past to avoid situations like this. people tend to be rude…"
Apr 6
Anna Morelli replied to Rebecca Marie O'Bryan's discussion itchy skin still
"Be careful using human shampoos on dogs because dogs have a different skin Ph than humans, so dog shampoos are formulated for  that."
Apr 3
Rebecca Marie O'Bryan replied to Rebecca Marie O'Bryan's discussion itchy skin still
"o my gosh im glad they are ok! i did bug bomb the place and it killed all the fleas. both pets are on protection and i vacuum regular. he gets brushed every sunday to maintain that coat since hes always shedding. i did try to add salmon oil and…"
Apr 1
Rebecca Marie O'Bryan replied to Rebecca Marie O'Bryan's discussion itchy skin still
"i know right? i mean better than grass but still. its hard to avoid fleas all together since he wants to play at the park and go on trail walks. she recommended a topical spray called trizcolor. its supposed to hydrate the skin and to prevent…"
Apr 1
Vicky Hay replied to Rebecca Marie O'Bryan's discussion itchy skin still
"Dandruff shampoo? I find that Cetaphil is surprisingly soothing on human itchy patches. Walgreen's has an identical knock-off that's cheaper. You could use that instead of shampoo. Hm. Is he shedding? Cassie chews herself a dandy hot…"
Mar 31
Jen, Yuki & Ellie replied to Rebecca Marie O'Bryan's discussion itchy skin still
"So glad to hear he's at least getting a small amount of relief!  And how horrible to have an allergy to flea bites.  :(  Is there anything, aside from trying to avoid fleas, that the vet recommended for him? "
Mar 31
Rebecca Marie O'Bryan replied to Rebecca Marie O'Bryan's discussion itchy skin still
"thank you Jen, i was going over in my mind with routes we take or anything new i bought to see if theres anything he could be touching anything out of the ordinary but the only thing he did was going over to a friends house and they just have a back…"
Mar 30

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Yale, MI

About Me:

I live here in CA with my, two animals, Baden (my corgi) and yoda (my cat). I love to go out and have fun with everyone as im very active and i have a passion for animals.

Welsh Corgi Breeder?
About My Corgi(s):

Teddy was my first corgi and he was bluie tri and was born Nov. 27,2009, he died November 22. just a few days before his birthday :'( He was very kind and gentle. His favorite game was tug of war. He was always carrying his rope around to play lol. He was my little buddy.he loved kids and was in the middle of doing therapy before he passed. he really enjoyed making people and him had the strongest bond u could imagine and i felt truly blessed to have him in my life and miss him everyday. he truly left his mark on my heart. R.I.P i do have a new corgi now and his name is baden. he is fearless and crazy fun. he likes to get out and do things and be very active. he loves to be with people and play with other dogs at the dog park. at night he likes to lay on the couch with me so we can snuggle right before bed. he enjoys swimming just like how teddy did (R.I.P) which makes me smile every time. he is a good boy and will be your best friend the moment u meet him

I have:

check out my other albums of my 2cats and Teddy, my corgi who passed away (R.I.P)

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happy 4th of july!

Posted on July 4, 2012 at 1:52pm 1 Comment

we wish u a happy 4th of July. i would have pics of dollar but she is hiding at the moment due to the fire works but that dosnt stop fearless baden:) hes wearing teddys martingale collar and a festive bandana to go with the holiday! …


its teddy's 1st birthday!!! =D

Posted on November 27, 2010 at 3:00pm 9 Comments

the day is here!!, a year ago my little teddy bear was born and boy has he grown! this year has been such a blessing and i cant believe he is a year old now! i know this is going to be so please bear with me=) lol

well it all started back when i was a kid and have seen corgis but never really knew much about them and i honestly didnt know what they were called but there was just something about them that i just loved. so jump to last year when i moved to SC with arthur i…

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At 5:02pm on February 7, 2015, Vicky Hay said…

Boyoboy, it sure DOES get expensive!!  Y'know, i think you have to do what's right for you and not worry about any extraneous theories. Whatever ;-)

At 6:12pm on January 15, 2015, Vicky Hay said…

Hi, Rebecca--  Hope this reaches you. I'm not sure how to use this part of the website.

Yes, I do feed my dogs actual real, cooked food, although right now they're on FreshPet because I've been enjoying a spate of surgery. As soon as I feel up for it, though, we'll be back to the real stuff. I've described how I make this food at my website, Funny about Money:

In the years since I wrote that post, some of the cooking strategy has changed. I now look for boneless meats (boneless chicken thighs,  Costco's version of "country style" spareribs, hamburger, whatEVER) and cook the  meat in a slow cooker. You can also cook sweet potato in with the meat, when you use a slow cooker. Then all that remains is to cook up and grind or chop the veggies. In a pinch, I put a few handsful of frozen veggies into the slow cooker one time but found it hard to break them up, once they were cooked, into reasonable doggie size. It's easier to microwave frozen veggies until they're just cooked, run them through the blender or food processor, and mix them in with the cooked meat and starch.

Bear in mind that dogs can develop allergies to various proteins. Ruby is currently allergic to beef (and indeed, beef is one of the commonest canine allergens, because dog food manufacturers rely so heavily on it). You can minimize this tendency (but probably not get rid of it) by varying the types of meat you feed the dog. I rotate as many different kinds of meat as I can get my  hands on (excluding beef, unfortunately) -- at Thanksgiving, for example, you can often get turkey very cheaply (not boneless, alas, but what the heck). Also sometimes ethnic stores sell various meats. Organ meats such as liver and kidney can be used.

Be careful not to feed your dog anything that contains onion or garlic, as these are both toxic to canids -- that's one reason you shouldn't feed your dogs from your own plate. Chocolate, of course, is toxic, as is anything that contains caffeine. So are grapes and raisins. Avocado is said to be bad for dogs, but I do not know if this is true. Here's a fun listicle on things dogs can eat:


At 11:33pm on May 18, 2014, Natalie, Lance &Tucker said…

Rebecca, thanks for the sweet words.  I appreciate it.  So glad I found this site. 

At 12:20am on December 21, 2013, Keri&Merlin(Judy&Alan's Pups) said…
Glad You're enjoying Your newest state :).Baden turned into a handsome boy!Merry Christmas to You and Hope all iswell.
At 6:53pm on November 5, 2013, Keri&Merlin(Judy&Alan's Pups) said…
A belated welcome to California,Rebecca Marie!Didn't know You were out West now :)!Baden has grown up I to a very handsome fur baby.Our 2 just turned 4 and 5.Hope all is well and enjoy Our fairly calm but maybe wet Winters.
At 5:36pm on September 15, 2013, Lois B. Allen said…

Baden is such a beautiful and happy boy.  Good luck.

At 11:52am on September 10, 2013, Laura and Tommy Jefferson said…

I understand completely! Tommy is always "forgetting" his training as well haha. I'm also considering agility ... i'd love to do herding but I can't find anywhere around here that offers it! Please keep us posted on Baden's activities! :)

At 11:01am on September 9, 2013, Laura and Tommy Jefferson said…

Thanks for the well wishes for Tommy!!! :) Is Baden going to be a therapy dog like Teddy was? Tom is definitely too ornery for such an endeavor! 

At 9:07pm on May 17, 2013, Abbey & Anne said…

Thank you for the friend's request, Rebecca.

At 6:28pm on July 06, 2012, Melissa gave Rebecca Marie O'Bryan a gift
At 10:43pm on July 5, 2012, Melissa said…

Thank you for the friend add :) They are gorgeous pups, thank you <3

At 11:38pm on February 2, 2012, Vicki, Grace and Gizmo said…

Hope all is well.  We got a new dog last Sat. His name is Gizmo. He is 4 and we are sure enjoying him with Grace.  Hope your Corgis and cats and getting along fine.  Waiting for pics.

At 9:11pm on January 20, 2012, Keri&Merlin(Judy&Alan's Pups) said…

I know You're tired of hearing this but,PICTURES COMING SOON WE HOPE???Can't wait to see the new furbabies at home together :)

At 10:50am on January 20, 2012, Alison Prasavath said…

Wasn't yesterday the big day of getting Scout? I was thinking you had said the 19th, but I couldn't remember. If you do have both your babies now, how are things going? Give both Dollar and Scout belly rubs from me and kisses from Noodles.

At 10:44pm on January 14, 2012, Mal Schaal said…
So happy for you on your 2 new corgis! How are you doing? I can't wait to keep up with all the new pics you will post! Dollar looks so sweet!
At 10:48am on January 8, 2012, Lois B. Allen said…

I am so thankful that you have found good little buddies.  Each has its own different personality.

Your pup is adorable. Good luck.

At 8:53am on January 3, 2012, Cindi & Twinkie said…

I think the new additions to your family are fantastic!  You obviously have so much love to give and you shouldn't wait to give it!  Good luck with them and God bless. 

At 12:36pm on January 1, 2012, Priscilla, CARLY, and Frankie said…

reading your great news brought tears to my eyes~

At 12:35pm on January 1, 2012, Priscilla, CARLY, and Frankie said…

Congrats on you new fur kids!! Lots and lots of corgi kiss coming your way :))

At 1:30pm on December 31, 2011, Alison Prasavath said…

It looks like Dollar is going to be a daddy's girl and nothing wrong with that. They are both so cute and I know Teddy would be so happy. He brought both of them in to your household.


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