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Weihe Corgis Wynn...Jane Christensen

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Jane Christensen replied to Dan Hunsucker's discussion Dog ID Tags
"I like Lucky Pet tags and have used them for years:) They have slip on the collar ID's, glow in the dark(which I really like), metal, plastic and plainer but fancy ones. They last forever unless the dog chews on them!!!!"
7 hours ago
Jane Christensen left a comment for Holly
"Happy Birthday!!!!! Hope you have a great day!"
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20 hours ago
Jane Christensen replied to Mike Vayakornvichit's discussion Looking to Adopt a Corgi in California (or within 1 state away surrounding CA)
"Also they could have an older pup they got back due to a contract. I got 2 pups back...one due to a boyfriend and one due to a child...."
Jane Christensen replied to Mike Vayakornvichit's discussion Looking to Adopt a Corgi in California (or within 1 state away surrounding CA)
"They can retire females they had bred, males for not getting what they wanted from their stud. I just talked to a breeder who was having trouble with her male not producing...doesn't hurt to check..."
Jane Christensen replied to Mike Vayakornvichit's discussion Looking to Adopt a Corgi in California (or within 1 state away surrounding CA)
"You could also contact breeders if they have any adults they are rehoming. I have rehomed 2 of my females to great homes:)"
Jane Christensen commented on Brenda Kestemont's blog post Name suggestions?
"Waffle?????? As in Belgian Waffle??????? We do have a Corgi named Waffle on this."
Jane Christensen replied to Mike Vayakornvichit's discussion Looking to Adopt a Corgi in California (or within 1 state away surrounding CA)
"Welcome! It's great that you are looking into a rescue also:)"
Jane Christensen commented on Brenda Kestemont's blog post Name suggestions?
"You can also name a pup after someone/or another pet. My Livvy was named Olivia after a woman I admired. Bella was named after a stray Bella we found as a pup."
Jane Christensen commented on Randy & Chewie's photo

The boys on the couch with daddy.

"I love the little "chicken thigh"legs:)"
Jane Christensen replied to Jennifer Rodriguez's discussion RIP Pickles
"So sorry for your loss. I was reading your daily updates. I was really hoping she would be OK."
Jane Christensen commented on Brenda Kestemont's blog post Name suggestions?
"You might want to have 2 names picked also...one of my females didn't "fit" her name we picked so we went back to one of the others that we had liked instead."
Jane Christensen commented on Brenda Kestemont's blog post Name suggestions?
"You could look up Welsh names/meanings. That's how we named Wynn."
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"I order mine online and will try to find the site....many sizes and colors and they last for years."
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Hibbing, MN
About Me:
I live in the country and love animals so I have a variety of dogs(2 of my own corgis, Wynn and daughter Sage)2 rescues,a corgi mix and an Aussie) cats and free range chickens. I am lucky because I get to work close to my home and my dog(s) get to come with me...My husband and I have grown children and several beautiful grandchildren who love to visit and play with the animals.My love for Corgis started when I went to pick a female Corgi and Wynn picked me... he proceeded to walk up to me, lay his tiny little head on my foot and fall asleep.Wynn still parades around my house with one of my shoes and I always have to "look" for my shoe before I can leave...I did a Corgi rescue April (08) I felt like I wanted to help other Corgis...wow what an experience and I learned a lot. I also do corgi rescue when needed..Jackson now lives with Jennifer Markley. Calvin my Cardigan rescue lives with Joanna and Rainy my own Pembroke was rehomed and lives with Joanna's parents where she can be the "princess" and have her own people!
Welsh Corgi Breeder?
About My Corgi(s):
I have 4 Corgis.Wynn is my male Corgi that started this obsession with Corgis and he is now 9. Wynn's daughter Sage is 3 and a Therapy Inc.dog that often travels with me.Wiley my rescue is also about 8. Teddy my other rescue is about 11. Armani is my Aussie who thinks and acts like a corgi! Tank is a 4 year old Corgi mix. We decided to adopt him instead of another Corgi because he had already been in 3 homes at 1 year of age. He can run for hours in our groves and wear off his energy and is such a sweet boy. 1/2.
I have:

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Cody's new home:)

Posted on January 11, 2015 at 6:46pm 8 Comments

Another happy ending for a Humane Society Corgi.There is a long story as to how Cody ended up there BUT he is now home with his new brother Parker and the neighbor dog Captain. Within 15 minutes of texting former Corgi people who got pups from me...Cody had a home! He had a long distance to travel with me and then…


Corgi in southern MN humane society needs a home.

Posted on December 20, 2014 at 12:14am 2 Comments

I just got an email from our local humane society president that they have a 3-4 year old male Corgi. I have no more info today but will find out more tomorrow and that the Corgi seems to be very nice. Anyone who knows of someone who might be interested please message me and I will be meeting him on Sunday to know more. The woman knows I found the last one they had a great home and so she would like me to find this one a great home also. No pictures yet but I'll get some on Sunday:)

RIP Joanna (Joanna,Rainy and Calvin)

Posted on November 9, 2014 at 8:04pm 8 Comments

We lost a member of our Corgi nation last week. Her husband called me to inform me yesterday .Several years ago I was lucky enough to meet with Joanna twice when she drove from NY to MN to get a rehomed dog(Rainy) of mine and a rescue(Calvin) a month later. The minute I met her I knew she was a special woman and we always kept in contact. I know she is playing with all of our 4 legged ones over Rainbow Ridge...Just wanted to let you know. 

Teddy's BIG Adventure!!!!!!

Posted on July 28, 2014 at 10:13pm 10 Comments

Well Teddy(my 11 year old rescue) and Tank at some point decided to leave the area. Teddy does not do this and being almost completely deaf I panicked. Took Wynn with me and started walking the fields near our place. Partway through I thought about calling the people who live at our other place and the lady said "so…


Family Reunion:)

Posted on June 15, 2014 at 10:21am 6 Comments

Shortly after Bella left for her new home I received another email from someone who had a rehomed pup of…


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At 7:21pm on February 17, 2015, Helen Liu said…

More of his tail :)

At 7:18pm on February 17, 2015, Helen Liu said…
At 11:27am on February 17, 2015, Helen Liu said…

Thanks Jane, they're all gorgeous though, each and every corgi out there!

It's great that a lot of airlines allow smaller pets to travel in cabin. Java might already be a bit heavy for some airlines though but there's always the option to travel by ferry or train.

If there is a demand for corgis with tails then why do people still dock them? Is it for shows?

Joined the group, thanks!

At 10:41am on February 17, 2015, Helen Liu said…

Yep, Java has a tail! We're not allowed to dock tails here in the UK and personally I think they look great with tails. I'll show you a picture when I get home tonight :)

At 1:52pm on February 10, 2015, Michelle & Jetty said…

Hi Jane, Thank you for the welcome :)  I cant wait until I can finally bring my little guy home.  Just over a week!

At 10:08pm on February 8, 2015, Natalie, Lance &Tucker said…

thanks for the comment on  Tuckers video :)

At 2:50pm on February 4, 2015, Starry said…

Hi. Responding to your comment about Madison's heritage (hope this is the right place) :) Anyway, you wondered why I think she's mixed, so I thought I'd share.
I think she's mixed because after comparing her to photos of 1,000+ Pems and Cardigans (yes I was obsessive in my search, lol xD), I noticed she has some traits that are unlikely to have come from either breed.
First thing I want to point out is her white markings. See how small they are and how they don't cover much? Every Corgi I've seen, in the very least, has white that covers the front of their chest. She doesn't have much white on her chest. Also she has less white on her muzzle than I've seen in 99% of Corgis. I've seen a bunch of Collies and Shelties with white on their muzzle that was shaped just like hers. Maybe she's got a bit of that in her?

Next, I move on to her ears. Look how close together they are when she's attentive. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think 99% of purebred Corgis can put their ears up that high? They seem to have ears that are set wider apart on the head.

Next, I move on to the shape of her ears. See how pointy they are? Compare that to most Corgis. Their ears are usually more rounded. Sometimes you do find pointed eared Corgis (I think you have some?) but I've yet to find one with ears in precisely in her shape.

The next thing I want to point out is what the top of her muzzle looks like in profile. See how it's not straight? See how roman nosed (bent down) it is? Granted, I have seen a couple Pems with virtually identical muzzle tops, and several Cardis, but it's not super common. Pems usually have straight muzzle tops and Cardis, if they're roman nosed, aren't usually THIS roman nosed. However, this is a trait I saw in a lot of Dachshunds! Maybe she has some Dachshund?

Finally, her chest is different from a Pembroke in two ways. The first difference could be accounted for by her being a Pem x Cardi mix but the second difference seems like it would have to come from something outside the Corgi breeds. Okay, the first difference, which could come from being part Cardi, is that her chest is narrower and longer than a Pem chest. The narrowness is easiest to see in top view and the length is easiest to see in side view. The second difference is the depth of her chest. Depth you measure from the front view (dog looking at you). To measure it I look at the area from the base of the neck to where the chest terminates between the front legs. I could be off on this one but Madison's chest seems shallower than every Corgi that I've compared it too.

So, anyway this is why I affectionately call her "Madison the Almost Corgi" because she's close enough for me, hehe xD If you've got photos to prove me wrong though, feel free to share. I'd love to see! :D

At 5:28pm on February 3, 2015, Hayley Roda said…

Awesome, thank you!

At 12:19pm on February 3, 2015, Hayley Roda said…

Aww lovely!! I love their little tails!! Where can I find this group for tailed corgis?

At 5:45am on February 3, 2015, Hayley Roda said…

Yes Gwen does have a tail. In the UK you can't dock dogs tails, and definitely can't show a dog with a docked tail, so yes we get cute little curly tails here!!


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