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Jack and the Easter Cake: Let's hear funny food stories!

Let's hear your funny "Corgi and food" stories!   Neither of my dogs actively beg, though both will sit hopefully nearby when we eat.  They…

Started by BethLatest Reply

Possible Corgi Olympic Events

After watching Bear playing today I've decided that we could have a Corgi Olympics with the following events:   Rawhide Chucking (Both for…

Started by Danika WhiteLatest Reply

What has you corgi done for you?

Ever since i met my first corgi, i have saw them as awww aspiring dogs. Me and my life has changed since owning my corgi's, it may just be…

Started by KimberlieLatest Reply

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Constantly Noisy

Winston has acquired a horrible habit and I don't know how to get it to stop. He has decided that barking is THE. THING. TO. DO. ALL. THE.…

Started by Tori

4 17 hours ago
Reply by Jane T. (& Griffin)

Bites his own feet!

My little guy, Jaxx, now almost 9 months, has a very strange behavior of biting his own feet and then yelping like someone bit his foot off…

Started by susan

19 yesterday
Reply by Jane Christensen

Need advice on adding a second corgi

We have considered adding a second corgi for a while but wanted to get an adult and/or rescue.  Have found a female (have a 5 y.o. male) a…

Started by k g read

3 on Thursday
Reply by susan

Help with my new aloof corgi Gabby!

Hello All, I have recently got my first puppy. Gabby is now 4 months old and we've had her for 2 months. She is very smart and knows basic…

Started by Luda

15 Aug 2
Reply by Vicky Hay

Biting and growling?

Hi all - I have another behavior question for you. We have lovely Tesla, corgi Cardigan, almost 14 weeks now, and sweet, fun and assertive…

Started by Liv Vinter

8 Jul 26
Reply by Liv Vinter

Puppy help :)

Hi all Corgi lovers :) We just got a Cardigan pup 5 days ago, he was 10 weeks old. He is adorable, very smart etc. We absolute love him! I…

Started by Liv Vinter

21 Jul 23
Reply by Bev Levy

Reluctant Walker

My husband and I have had Thor for a month now, seems like so much longer! He's doing quite well with Sit, Down, No, and bite inhibition (…

Started by Caitlin

13 Jul 1
Reply by Caitlin

Corgi or Devil?

Hello everyone, This is my first time posting on here. I have an eight month old tri color pembroke named Zeus. He is extremely cuddly and…

Started by Jay Vladoiu

17 Jun 19
Reply by Vicky Hay

Introducing 2 Corgis to 2 Cats

Hi! I have 2 Corgis (One male, one female both 4 yrs old, same litter). I'm trying to move in with my boyfriend who has 2 cats (both male,…

Started by Taylor Bonham

13 Jun 15
Reply by Vicky Hay

Help teaching "Fetch": ball retrieval to my hand.

Al is superb at Fetch, but will not put the ball into my hand.  He either drops it so it rolls right to me, or else drops it in my lap, or…

Started by John Wolff

21 May 10
Reply by Carol


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