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Jack and the Easter Cake: Let's hear funny food stories!

Let's hear your funny "Corgi and food" stories!   Neither of my dogs actively beg, though both will sit hopefully nearby when we eat.  They…

Started by BethLatest Reply

Possible Corgi Olympic Events

After watching Bear playing today I've decided that we could have a Corgi Olympics with the following events:   Rawhide Chucking (Both for…

Started by Danika WhiteLatest Reply

What has you corgi done for you?

Ever since i met my first corgi, i have saw them as awww aspiring dogs. Me and my life has changed since owning my corgi's, it may just be…

Started by KimberlieLatest Reply

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Herding Children

Any tips on training a corgi not to herd children? I know they are herding dogs, so I expected it to happen..I've tried the coins in a soda…

Started by Heidi

11 on Saturday
Reply by Heidi

"Don't look into his eyes..."

Science 17 April 2015 pp. 274, 280 $ 333 "Don't look into his eyes," I often warn passersby of Al.  "That's how they control our minds." I…

Started by John Wolff

7 May 18
Reply by Geri & Sidney

Aggressive Corgi Puppy

So here's the deal, Pickles is now 11 months old (PWC), and spoiled rotten.  When we got him from the breeder he was the biggest in his lit…

Started by Sean & Mal

25 May 12
Reply by Anna Morelli

Barking and Biting Issue

Hey guys! We've had Booker for two weeks now, he is a 9 week old Pembroke. He's is super smart. The last two weeks we've taught him: sit, d…

Started by Paige Coffer

7 May 1
Reply by Vicky Hay

Wants to eat everything...and I mean EVERYTHING! is this normal? I know that corgis are chow hounds by nature but my little guy is wanting to put everything in his mouth and then a…

Started by Dan Hunsucker

9 Apr 26
Reply by Ran Tao

Trick Training

Hi all.  I thought trick training might be a fun topic to talk about.  Trick training for Jeli and I has been a great way to establish a re…

Started by susan

27 Apr 14
Reply by susan

Play bitting, how to stop it?

Hey guys! We just got our puppy Booker this week and he's been great so far, very curious and playful. However the last day he has been nip…

Started by Paige Coffer

6 Apr 8
Reply by Paige Coffer

Traveling, Need Advice

I have the opportunity to go to China, and I have decided to accept it. I'll be gone for 3 weeks in July. I'm 18 (I'll be 19 this May)  and…

Started by Charlee & Ally

4 Apr 6
Reply by Charlee & Ally

What can I expect from my 9 month old corgi?

In a few days my Corgi, Sully, will be 9 months old. I'm interested in what kind of behavioral changes (if any) should I suspect. Recently…

Started by Nicole Adams

4 Apr 3
Reply by Holly

Attacking the sliding doors!

I have posted before about Tilly chasing cars, and some of you didn't like the way I was training her to stop doing it.  You will like that…

Started by Karen Knuff

14 Mar 31
Reply by Vicky Hay


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