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Jack and the Easter Cake: Let's hear funny food stories!

Let's hear your funny "Corgi and food" stories!   Neither of my dogs actively beg, though both will sit hopefully nearby when we eat.  They…

Started by BethLatest Reply

Possible Corgi Olympic Events

After watching Bear playing today I've decided that we could have a Corgi Olympics with the following events:   Rawhide Chucking (Both for…

Started by Danika WhiteLatest Reply

What has you corgi done for you?

Ever since i met my first corgi, i have saw them as awww aspiring dogs. Me and my life has changed since owning my corgi's, it may just be…

Started by KimberlieLatest Reply

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5 month Corgi cautious of dogs? Sometimes people?

Hello! We are the Romero twins and own a 5 month old Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Gravity. We had her since 8 weeks and she is very independe…

Started by Naomi& Noemi Romero

2 12 hours ago
Reply by Bev Levy

Corgi's are strong...what toys do you own that your dog does not destroy?

Hellooo! I am just looking for some ideas on this subject. My boyfriend thinks I am crazy because I have probably spent $250.00 on dog toys…

Started by breanna bellefontaine

54 15 hours ago
Reply by Katy

Considering adopting another pup

First, thank you for approving my membership. Second, we have a cardi-mix rescue that my honey has had since she was ~6 weeks old.  She is…

Started by Redfizz

3 on Thursday
Reply by Amy & Rubi Rae

Fortie the teenager -- share your stories

Hi all Fortie's now in what I guess are his teenage years. I've been reading about other's experiences with teenage Corgis and it's most h…

Started by Bea S

2 on Wednesday
Reply by Bea S

Anxiety Attacks

My 1 year old corgi react fantically when she hears thunderstorm sounds. She shivered and shaked, happening right now. This came as a shoc…

Started by creatiflauren

10 Sep 11
Reply by Kathleen Unsell & CODY

Another dog attack

For the second time this year Izzy was attacked by a loose dog! I am so angry that I decided to vent to all of you. It was a neighbor dog t…

Started by Bev Levy

43 Sep 4
Reply by Vicky Hay

Weird Defensive Aggression

As a puppy, Winston was all over bigger dogs at the dog beach and dog park; kissing, licking and so forth. As he's grown, he's been acting…

Started by Tomas Romano

12 Sep 1
Reply by Anna Morelli

corgi's lack of calmness

Jet is now 8 1/2 months old, and has learned so many tricks and is doing so well. But for one thing: she absolutely positively cannot sit d…

Started by Wendy McLeod

25 Sep 1
Reply by Wendy McLeod

personality: choosing a puppy

Hi everyone! In preparation of getting a corgi puppy I read as many threads on this forum as possible. I read a lot about personality diff…

Started by Esther

16 Aug 31
Reply by Porter

Barking & Calming Down

My corgi just turned a year old and he's still quite misbehaved. He constantly lunges at other dogs on walks, pulls his leash and then bark…

Started by Murphy

7 Aug 30
Reply by Vicky Hay


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