Hi fellow corgi parents! This is my first time posting and I'm really excited to find a site where I can relate to others and get tips on certain aspects for this wonderful breed. I just recently became a corgi parent about a year ago to a wonderful 4 year old rescue. Since then, I receive an 8 week old pembroke female who is crazy. I love my little girl so much but after months of trying various tactics she is still not potty trained. She may be the most stubborn dog I ever met. I know it can be a corgi trait but it's pretty bad. I'll take her outside to potty and she will go and as soon as we get back inside and the second I turn away she pees on the carpet! I try to reprimand her and she doesn't even care. I've even tried basic commands consistently and those don't seem to work either. She is also very aggressive when it comes to food and treats. I've tried taking the food away from her and she growls and tries to bite me. I keep trying consistently so she isn't so possessive but nothing has changed so far :( any tips on how to get her potty trained and make her less aggressive ? Anyone else have problems at this age for a puppy ?

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Mianna....I am so sorry you have not gotten any responses.  It didn't use to be like this.  My Corgi now has a Facebook page and it seems everyone would rather hang out there.  I don't have a FB page so I can't post a link for you.

It has also been over 20 years since I have house broken a puppy.  All my corgis (4), Pems, have been adult re-homings so I haven't had to potty train them.  Try to find the FB page and get help there.  We have a lot of good people.

Pups need to go out about 20 minutes after eating. I would crate her inside if she doesn't go and wait another 15 minutes and try again. Do not let her go all over the house till she does her business outside.

You can try giving her treats but when she growls I would turn around and ignore her plus say a big "ow" when she nips. Totally ignore and NO treats for growling!!!!

Hope this makes sense!

Take the dog to your vet and have her examined for a urinary tract infection. Thanks to members here, I discovered this was the problem with  my "stubborn" puppy. After the vet's recommended treatment, she quickly figured out the potty-training trick.

Is the dog 8 weeks old or 9 months old? I do not know how to train a dog not to be food-protective, because I've never had one that displayed that trait. Others here can advise. If it's an older dog -- 9 months is moving toward adult -- I would simply not put my hands near the dog while it was eating, and not let any other dogs or *** important! *** a child near the dog while it's eating. If it's a puppy, you may be able to persuade it that removing your hand just because you're stealing its food is not an appropriate response.

If your vet says the dog has no UTI, then what you want to do is get a long leash. When you're walking around the house, loop that leash around your belt. When you're sitting in the house, loop it over the nearest doorknob. This will allow you to keep an eye on the dog so it can't slither into the living room while you're in the TV room watching reruns of Star Trek. At the same time, you MUST let the dog out frequently. Puppies need to go out within 20 minutes or so of eating, and they need to be let out OFTEN to pee. When you're out of the house, you should crate the pup or at least put it in an X-pen. But do not go off and leave a puppy for hours, expecting it won't pee on the rugs. In those circumstances, a pup has no other choice BUT to pee on your floor. Or in the crate.

You can get an enzyme solution that supposedly denatures dog pee and eliminates the odor. It's available at pet stores. This requires you to know where the dog peed, and to soak the spot and keep it wet for for several hours. Carpet cleaning professionals have an enzyme treatment they can use to clean your rugs. I'm skeptical, myself...but then I'm a grinch.


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