Jack and the Easter Cake: Let's hear funny food stories!

Let's hear your funny "Corgi and food" stories!


Neither of my dogs actively beg, though both will sit hopefully nearby when we eat.  They will crowd my husband because he sometimes gives them bits of apple or popcorn.  


However, there are some things they know they get and then it's another story.  We sometimes give them scrambled eggs, and we always toss them a few bits of breakfast cereal if we're having that in the morning.  They'll get a little lettuce when we're making a salad, and the tiniest crumb of cheese if we're making a sandwich.


For the foods that the dogs know they will get, Jack will helpfully remind us if we "forget."  He's so thoughtful!  :)   He'll sit in the kitchen and say "Huph" under his breath, wait 30 seconds and say "Huph" again.  So if for instance we have scrambled them an egg and it's cooling on the counter; or if my husband "forgot" to give them their obligatory 2 bits of cereal, he'll "huph" in the kitchen til we "remember" his share.  


That's the backstory.


For Easter, I made a lemon pound cake and baked it in a Bundt pan.  Those of you who bake may know that "depanning" can be difficult with a Bundt.   Well, last Saturday, a fancy dessert was not to be.  I tried every trick I knew, but the cake came out of the pan in bits.  I'd say about two-thirds came out on the first attempt.  After much effort, about another sixth came out, then a chunk, then a section, and so on.  It was a moist cake so I managed to cobble it back together (thank goodness it was for family and not a formal occasion!).  But in the process, a big hunk fell on the floor.


Jack managed to get a nice big hunk before I got it away.  Poor Maddie was too slow on the uptake and missed her share.  But... well, I guess Jack now thinks that lemon Bundt cake is on the list of "food the dogs get."   


I put the cobbled-together cake on the counter to cool.... and Jack sat in the kitchen the entire time, saying "Huph" very helpfully, every minute or so.  No pacing, no whining, just patiently lying on the kitchen floor.   "Huph.   (pause pause pause)  Huph."   


I put the cake in a covered cake-carrier and he figured no more was coming his way, but the next morning I glazed it and left the carrier open for the glaze to set while we ate breakfast and, you guessed it:  "Huph" the entire time. 


There were leftovers which went in the freezer.  The other night my husband and I got a piece out and left it to thaw on the counter.  Jack ignored it while it was wrapped, but when we cut it in pieces and left it on plates to come to room temperature, well back he went to lying patiently on the floor, "reminding" us that he had not yet had his share.  


Silly Corgis!


Anyone else have funny food stories?  I'm sure there are lots out there!

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I loved your story! Luna my girl sits while we eat and will "Gruuu" and repeat until she gets a green bean or whatever vegetable we give out. But the part that amazes me is that my oldest boy Cosmo makes the same low "Huph" sound although his isn't food related. Here is his story! Every day if I am off work, I go upstairs and may nap or lay down usually at one o'clock. Well he goes with me and lays on my bed. If he gets the door shut or left downstairs gated he will continually let me know with that same low "Huph" wait "Huph" until I realize I have forgotten him my beloved nap partner! 

The most recent food incident involved Bailey and the bag of 3 deli sub rolls.  I put them on the stove and pushed them back far enough, or so I thought.  I went out to get the rest of the groceries from my car.  When I returned, Bailey had somehow gotten the bag of rolls down, ripped open the bag, ate one roll and was half way thru the 2nd one.  He saw me and took off to hide in another room to finish his snack!  The last roll was still in the bag but had a corgi paw print in the middle! 

A few months ago, Bailey grabbed an Entemann's pound cake box that had a chunk left in it. He ate it along with the paper wrapper.  The best part was that he got his head stuck in the box!  The window of the box showed his profile!

Oh, could I tell you stories.......

I love the image of Bailey in profile through the window!  They can be such stinkers when it comes to food.

too funny!

I love your story...but I would be laughing so hard that Bailey would never take my serius anymore.
Oh, I wish you had a photo of his profile in the Entemann box. That's hilarious!

Wow! He sounds very smart and so athletic!



Very cute story Beth, as usual your Jack sounds like he is cut from the same mold as my Sparty. My favorite Sparty story is: We had the In laws over for dinner and at that time Sparty was a little under 1 year and a bit of a pain while we were eating. He would sit under chairs and if someone had crumbs on their lap he would happily clean them off. We were working on ending that behavior so at the end of the meal when my Father-in law (the messy eater in the family) happily announced that Sparty did great by not licking his lap once and then wiped his mouth with a very tattered a small piece of his napkin we all got a good laugh! The stories of Sparty with food are endless as his middle name is definitely Pig! He no longer does things like that, but unfortunately he is a drooler and watches from a distance with big disgusting gobs of drool bubbling out of the sides of his mouth so I advise company not to look at him while eating. Your description of the Huph reminder woof was spot on.
Jack also gets the big puddles of saliva.  We call them "droolsicles."   Usually when my husband is eating, because guess who sometimes feeds him bits of popcorn?

HAhahaha!! These are funny!

We can't open the freezer or get ice from the dispenser without Sparky, AKA Mr Hoover, being right there under foot hoping for an ice cube.

My funniest story so far was at the Florida Corgi Picnic last fall. Sparky was only a few months old and having a blast! I kept an eye on him, but he would get away from me occasionally. I was searching for him after everyone had eaten lunch. I rounded a group of chairs to hear a woman yell "he's under the chair EATING A PIECE OF CAKE" Yup, someone left a whole piece of buttermilk frosted chocolate cake on the ground, with 200 corgi's around! I grabbed him just as he was chomping up the last bite. He was licking the last bits of frosting from his face and looked at me with those big brown eyes as if to say, Nope, not me, I didn't eat anything!

Lol, I can relate. At Potus' recent family reunion he had no time for socialisatin until he had tried to get food off nearly everyones plate. He stole pineapple off plates, stuck his whole snout in a cup someone left on the ground, tried to drink somebody's tea and always had his paws up on the chairs of the picnic tables looking for something to grab. His grandest moment of the day was when he stole a lemon tart out of the container it was in whilst someone's attention was turned. All his brothers and sisters were quite happy just socialising. Sigh.
Mine both know everyone in the neighborhood who carries treats, and they'll try to climb into pockets if no treat is offered.


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