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Low fat Birthday Cake Recipe?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Potus Oct 16, 2012. 7 Replies

Diabetes or Pancreatitis Diagnosal

Started this discussion. Last reply by Potus Aug 29, 2012. 6 Replies

Evening Primrose Oil for Dogs- Dangerous?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Aber, Ragnar and Kelso Aug 17, 2011. 3 Replies

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About Me:
Hi, I'm a owner of a Pembroke Corgi, named Potus. Myself- well I'm a uni student. Po, as he's known, is my first dog, and thus first Corgi, but we do have a history with Corgis- my great grandfather had one too!
Welsh Corgi Breeder?
About My Corgi(s):
I have one male Pembroke Corgi, named Potus (it stands for President of the United States- a long story). He is gorgeous and energetic but a bit mischievous- he is a bit of a Houdini at times, and is a bit naughty- he still hasn't got over the love of biting, despite many attempts to train him out of the behaviour.
I have:

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Update- Potus's health and a presumed diagnosis

Posted on September 14, 2012 at 6:29am 1 Comment

So, after a few bouts of bloody poop and vomiting and blood and fecal tests our vet has returned a presumed diagnosis of low grade, recurrent pancreatitis. I say presumed as the blood test and the symptoms point towards this being the problem, however the fecal tests, which were taken when Potus was feeling okay as his bouts have not been frequent enough, thankfully, for us to have gotten a sample of his bloody poo, could not 100% confirm the diagnosis.

Nonetheless we are going…


Lost Corgi

Posted on May 18, 2011 at 6:54pm 8 Comments

So I have momentarily become a 2 Corgi household after a neighbour turned up on my doorstep with a stray Corgi she found. Seems as if my house has become 'the Corgi house' in the neighbourhood. It was a smart move on her part- I do tend to 'note' the Corgis in the area, as Corgi owners do.


This Corgi seems to be a bit older than Potus. It (I haven't checked to see if its a boy or a girl) has a docked tail which, as docking is illegal here, suggests it must be 5 or over, and…


Family Reunion 2011

Posted on April 16, 2011 at 4:32am 5 Comments

So, today was the annual family reunion for Potus. Run by his Mum's owner, it included dogs from all 4 litters! And all with tails!. There was a lot to keep them busy, sniffing, eating, drinking, chasing, fighting. And it was a good chance for all us owners to have a chat and compare Corgi notes. It was interesting when joggers and general passers by came past, all amazed at how many Corgis there were (there aren't as many around in Australia as there used to be). And once one Corgi started…


It's Potus's 1st Birthday!!

Posted on October 18, 2009 at 7:30pm 7 Comments

Today, Potus turns one.

He came into our lives when he was 3 months old so today we've enjoyed 9 months of puppy love, as well as 9 months of frustration :)

He's shown, and continues to show his stubborn side- he'll sit when he wants to thank you very much and has resisted all attempts to stop him biting- 'no bite', the spray bottle, rolling him over- none of its worked. The furniture and floor may be scratched and ripped but I love him none the less. He loves his walks,… Continue

Corgi Poem- "Corgi Fantasy"

Posted on September 14, 2009 at 4:30am 4 Comments

I'd thought I share with you this corgi poem. It was given to my mothers grandfather back in early 70's, by the breeder,

when he got his Corgi, Napoleon

"Corgi Fantasy"

Would you know where Corgis come from?

How they came to live with mortals?

Hearken to the ancient legend,

Hearken to the story-teller

On the mountains of the Welsh land,

In its green and happy valleys

Lived the peasant folk of old times,

Lived our fathers and… Continue

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At 12:07pm on January 28, 2013, Beth said…
Oh, that's so cute! So Jack's grandmother on his sire's side is the sister of Potus's grandfather, also on the father's side. When we all win the lottery and have the great big Corgi Family Reunion, we can get together the cousins and they can both have a good grumble about how much they hate the vet!
At 11:35am on January 27, 2013, Beth said…

Yes, Jack would have Australian relatives!  His sire is Dundee, CH Anwyl Winds O' Change.  Anwyl is an Australian kennel, but Dundee came to the US on a breeder exchange from Finland.   Dundee's pedigree is mostly Belroyd, which is an English kennel.  Here is Dundee's pedigree.  Do you see any common ancestors with Potus?


And here is Dundee's home page when he was here in the States.


This is him back in Finland:


And this is Anwyl in Australia:


At 9:52pm on August 18, 2011, Beth said…
Thank you so much for the information about Potus and sedation.  He sounds just like Jack.  I have heard anecdotally that Corgis are so bad about being confined because a Corgi who didn't freak out about being crowded would have been a squished Corgi back in the days when they herded cattle.  It makes as much sense as anything and I know a lot of vets have had bad experiences with Corgis.   It's the only thing in the world Jack is bad about.  Funny thing is when he feels free to leave, he's ok with big crowds and kids poking him and a room full of wheelchairs.  But the second he feels trapped he freaks out.  Poor guy.  Thanks again, your information was very helpful and if Jack ever needs a more thorough going over I'll definitely ask if he can be sedated.  Only problem is they said it can be hard to get a blood draw when they are sedated because their blood pressure drops quite a lot.
At 2:29pm on August 12, 2011, Sian Winter said…

pt. 2

Though his face and ears are all corgi, and he has a bit of terrier rough-coat and shaggy mane,  Nibbler has a real coyote look to his legs/body-carriage/tail, his molars are slightly different than a domestic dog, and his canines are way way longer and sharper than you would expect. Startlingly so. He does bark, but it is a higher-pitch than you'd expect from the size of his chest- more of a yip - but he also makes all the other, normal corgi vocalizations, too. He's super -agile : I've found him walking along our 2"wide windowsill - it's 9 feet long - even the cat can't do that - and he's been 6 feet up our tree - bum level with my head- going after a squirrel. He kinda ran at the tree and then humped it to get the little rodent. He hunts like a coyote, too - pounces with his front feet to break the back of the mouse/squirrel, then tosses them in the air like a cat - not grab and shake, like a domestic dog.

He's the cuddliest kissiest coyote ever, though - super affectionate, LOOOOVES all other dogs and kids, and is very gentle with the cats. My 24 year old moggie runs our house, an he's very respectful of her. He won't even try to eat her food - he steals shamelessly from our younger cat. Squirrels, rabbits and mice however are def. On The Menu. He's a better mouser than any cat I've ever owned.  And he's super smart, and picks up on any training in literally SECONDS. 

Honestly a perfect dog. I'm so super lucky to have found him. 

And I get the added bonus of listening to him, on clear nights,  singing back to the wild coyote pack that hunt in the fields near our house. !!!


At 2:29pm on August 12, 2011, Sian Winter said…

Heya Potus, thanks for the interest, sorry this is a bit of a book, but he's my boy!

I call him my Coy-Gi.

Nibbler was found scavenging in municipal dump in Peace River, Alberta, Canada (google it - there's nothing much further North)  He was prob. just under a year old when he was found and rescued (winter was starting and he was not going to make it through -40 on his own)  He spent 2 months in the pound, and a year and a half in a foster home, being socialized . They were brilliant! I cannot say enough about how fantastic that foster mum was for ol Nibs. Especially since, far as anyone can figure, Nibbler is the result of a corgi-terrier cross meets up with a wild coyote-dog hybrid, so about 3/4 dog and 1/4 coyote.

Coy-dogs are not usually advisable as pets, much like wolf-dog hybrids their instincts are directly opposed to the needs of a domestic animal. 

Coy-dogs are not unusual in any isolated area here in the North, most often they hang around aboriginal communities where dogs are let run loose all the time. Opportunist coyote male takes advantage of a domestic dog in heat, and voila: coydog puppies - doesn't usually happen the other way round cause coyotes regularly gang up on and kill/eat domestic dogs. They only call truce when there's a bitch in heat. Other domestic dogs don't usually like having the coy-dogs around, and most hybrids favor the wild side, and they are def. NOT pets. They can't bark, they do high pitched yip-howl combo. When they get a bit bigger - the teenage dog stage - the other dogs will often kill them or drive them out of the area.

Nibbler is really lucky to have made it at all. 


At 5:43pm on November 28, 2010, Patti said…
Thanks 4 your comments on the pic - that is the loverly Luna as a pup. As a weird fact, don't know if you follow Sydney Australia's news, but a dear friend of ours - a Jimmy West of Jupiter, FL thru some strange twist of fate was mistaken for a James P West of Sydney - who traveled here for Thanksgiving!!!!!! It's making all the news. Great story tho. Loved your bit about the floors - we call ours "distressed!"
At 9:07am on January 23, 2010, Lynn Williamson said…
I would love the name of the breeder please. Stilll looking for my girl. Thanks. Lynn
At 9:52pm on January 19, 2010, Pa'ani said…
GREAT NAME! I love it!
At 11:32pm on January 18, 2010, Chloe's parent Liz said…
yes they both look comfy on their chairs.
At 10:59pm on January 10, 2010, Rachel & Goldie said…
Thanks for the help!( Im only 10) So Mum and i are looking into the vet to help us search or something. The info will come to good use!!!

Regards, Rachel & Goldie

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