Ever since i met my first corgi, i have saw them as awww aspiring dogs. Me and my life has changed since owning my corgi's, it may just be over a year, but what a year it as been. We do alot for our dogs, but what have they done for us.


Mine have:

  1. Made me more out going
  2. Able to talk to people with out that slight annoying stumbling of words.
  3. I have lived in many homes but no home ever felt like home, until the day i brought my first corgi. even after moving my new place still feels like home, and i am enjoying the feeling.
  4. I never feel alone, even when i am not even around them, just knowing they will be there when i get home.
  5. I am more patient
  6. I have been inspired to start drawing again.
  7. Most importantly i feel happier every day.

What have your corgi's done for you? How have they changed you and your lives?

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Dogs in general do a lot in return, some of us look past that as they are not earth shattering, life altering events until you look a bit deeper in to the " Big Picture" of things.

  1. Taught me patience in life.
  2. Taught me to stop, sit and just enjoy the day.
  3. Taught me that the pathway to happyness exists in a smile, and dosen't requrie words.
  4. A house is where your you hang your hat, a home is where your heart is.
  5. Nothing is more important then the people you love.
  6. No matter how many times you've been someplace, look hard enough and something has changed.
  7. There is no failure in trying, there is only failure in not trying.

Corgi Specific

  1. Laying on your back is a must for optium sun exposure.
  2. Looking cute may get  you treats, but that is only for those who don't own corgis
  3. FRAPING at least once a day will make you happy.
  4. Eat often and what you like, exercise or making people think you exercise will releave the questions that follow.

All you have to remember is enjoy the wonders of what your dog is, and in turn your life will forever be changed. Be mindful of all that is offered, you'll be supprised at the return.

My Corgis, past and present, make me smile every day.  No matter how bad the day, what's gone wrong, how far down I was, they could get a smile out me.  It's been an invaluable service!

teddy really has brought out the best in me and i never knew a corgi could be such a wonderful friend as him. he brings me joy everyday and teaches me new things as well.


1.to smile/laugh more often

2.being more patient than most people

3.just be happy no matter what

4.walking more isnt so bad

5.that simple things in life is where happiness is(such as throwing a tennis ball for him and seeing how happy he is)

6.how much i could care and love an animal

7.i also realized how protective i am for the ones i love

8.if i am with feeling down i always know that he will cuddle me on the coach until i feel better

9.even though my hubby is gone alot(military) i wil always have company

10.given me more confidence 


i could go on and on:) hes my little buddy and he teaches me something everyday. he has done so much for me

1.They bring a smile to my face:)

2.I am more patient.

3.I am more precise with my words and actions or they find a way to get around things.

4.More exercise and time outside.

5.They know if I'm sad and will intervene so I focus on them not what I'm sad about.

6.They are always nearby and ready for any adventure.

Sometime I love them so  much I cry (yea I know I am a crybaby).
I agree with everyone, they make me smile more! I can be a little quiet in social situations (I know, hard to believe) but with a corgi by my side it is easy to strike up a conversation. They have helped me care less about how clean my house is and more about enjoying opportunities and think a lot less about myself and more about others. Generally everything is just more fun with a corgi around!

Mine makes me smile & laugh Every Day.

He also makes me go outside to walk, jog & play Every Day.

Reminds me of how much I missed having a corgi in my life the previous 30ish yrs.

He has boosted the economy of several pet shops (spoiled rotten little boy)

just a few off the top of my head...

1.  I'm a workaholic - they give me a reason not to stay at school until 7pm.

2.  They bring me peace.  When they lay their head on my leg and sigh, it's as if all is right with the world.

3.  They gave me a reason to buy a home, instead of wasting my money in an apartment - I wanted them to have a yard.

4.  After an ugly break-up, they made sleeping alone a lot easier.

5.  They make it okay to spend a day on the couch.

6.  They bring me joy - everyday.

That was nice Stephanie,  life is too short, I think it's wonderful that you take the time to enjoy the simpler things in life and that includes your corgi(s)! Right now, my Harlee is sleeping under the Xmas tree, snoring away...  he brings me such joy each day...

I am going to agree with most of those you have listed. One major thing my boy has done for me......now I never have a bad day. Anytime I am feeling angry, sad, frustrated, etc he always cheers me up by just being his happy, goofy self. I can't imagine my life without him.
Besides all the good things everyone has mentioned, Timmy helps me live in the moment!  On our walks, I don't worry about tomorrow, or feel sad about what I did, that can't be changed.  What I can do is enjoy each step of our walk, comment on the ever changing sites and often just sit and smell what's on the breeze!  and lovingly smile ..................

1. Definitely smile. Lots of smiles.

2. Vacuum more often. Even though vacuums are evil.


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