Hello there!  New to this site AND soon new to be Corgi mommy.  I have always had "big" dogs and w/some pushing from a persistent 11 year old I have found room in my heart to seek out and adopt a little corgi.

Long story short...they are hard to find in my region.  Seems like they are plentiful out west.  :)  I also live not to far from the well know Lancaster puppy miller/backyard breeder area of PA.

I ended up finding Amsburg Kennels in Washington State.  This kennel is run by Bonnie Jo Ames.  She has been quite kind and accommodating up to this point...although not all of my questions have been answered. (probably due to the fact that I ask so darn many.)  With all that said, there is still a piece of my mind that has reservations about getting a dog so far away from someone you do not really know.

Has anyone done business with her?  Did you get what you expected/were told?  How was shipping/after-adoption process?  Is there help from the breeder after shipping or are you left to your own devices-should there be a problem?

Thank you in advance!

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Does she have a puppy contract? Ask to see it. Asking questions is how you find out answers...if she cares about her dogs she should supply you with all the answers. Ask for references also.

Puppy contract as in health guarantee?  She does...within a few days of receiving her she must be to the vet.  I had so many questions I didn't even think about references, however, she offered them without me asking.  The only glitch was her veterinary office.  They would not supply me with any info w/out her permission.  I guess vet's have HIPPA laws too!  :)  She did not get back to me about that...and if she doesn't I will ask again.

I haven't heard of her personally, but I just looked up her kennel name on offa.org and she has a lot of dogs registered so that's usually a good sign. Really good breeders are often super busy so I wouldn't be too put off if she misses some questions here and there.

I have no doubt that she is very active w/her breed.  She is a shower and breeder.  I did some looking up and that much is apparent.  Yes...she is busy.  It is my own OCD and anxiety that I must learn to control.  haha  :)  Bringing home a new puppy is like bringing home a new baby...so I am quite nervous.  I do not get a bad vibe from her.  I do know that I can be overbearing with my questions.  (See "OCD" comment above.) 

Were you unable to find any breeders in your area, or just couldn't find any that will have litters soon? If you were unable to find a breeder, below are links to lists of breeders in regional clubs of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America. Some may be near you or just a few hours' drive away. 



Oh no...Just that no one reputable was planning on OR had any confirmed litter coming for months.  I have already waited months and our household was determined and ready.

I am not familiar with the kennel, but can I ask why you are going all the way to Washington State?

You are in Bernville?  There are some truly excellent breeders right in your backyard.  If you shout "I want a Corgi!" really loud, they might hear you, they are so close.  ;-)      We got Jack from Bernville.

Corgard, Kaybe, Foxtale all should be near you.  I'm not opposed to shipping, but when there are good options in your backyard I'd take that route.  Most of them don't have websites, but that doesn't mean they don't do puppies.

Honeyfox is less than two hours.

We got Phoebe from Honeyfox - really good experience and a wonderful informative website.  I recommend calling Susan Strickland rather than emailing as she likes the phone better - too many emails and not enough time!

I understand.  A lot of "717" area breeders scare me.  It is a regional thing, I know...but still.  I did look into the breeders you have mentioned.  Unfortunately I either never heard back or I heard back and the response was "no confirmed litter" or "all sold, no more for months or even next year".  We were ready for one now. 

At any rate...money is paid in full for my puppy.  I should be expecting her next Friday.  I have been checking around for a while and ran into this site.  Thought I would ask since when I Googled the breeders name an old post showed up on here.  Still navigating this site, I think it had something to do with finding your dogs "brothers & sisters"?

Oh, ok.  Just so you know for next time you are looking for a dog:  the usual method is to start inquiring with breeders about 6 months to a year before you want a puppy.  :-)     

Most good breeders already have planned litters spoken for, or they wouldn't be doing the breeding;  they don't want to wait til pups are on the ground to start trying to find homes....   Sometimes you are lucky and they have a really big litter or some planned buyers drop out, but we got Jack in July and we started sending e-mails in March.  I was kicking myself for waiting so long;  I had planned to start e-mailing in early winter for summer puppies.  Anyway we got lucky, but it is normal to have to wait (which is SOOO hard).

So if you do decide you want another dog down the road, it's good to start early.

Please keep us posted on your new pup!  We all love puppy pictures.  :-)


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