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Food bags KILL!

A horrible, preventable, fatal accident.   When we came home, Siri had been trapped for hours this way.  The hole in the bag that saved he…

Started by John WolffLatest Reply

What do you feed your corgi?

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Started by Sam TsangLatest Reply

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What do you feed your corgi?

 Take the poll

Started by Sam Tsang

461 yesterday
Reply by Kathleen Unsell & CODY

Vomitting and diarrhea?

So, Ein was a poop and puke machine yesterday. She had the bouts of the runs and was very puky. She puked all last night. We counted 11 tim…

Started by Andrea

8 on Monday
Reply by Melissa and Franklin!


Has anyone heard of NexGard for flea and tick control? It is a chewable and is what my vet is pushing this year.

Started by Marcie

10 on Monday
Reply by Melissa and Franklin!


Found a tick on the top of Tuckers head today!!!!!  I tried the cotton ball and soap like I had read to do and that didnt work so I then pu…

Started by Natalie, Lance &Tucker

12 on Sunday
Reply by Holly

Elderly Gus

Our almost 14 yr old Cardi Gus is becoming an elder dogizen. He was just diagnosed with diabetes, but so far that is being managed well wit…

Started by Joy Hauge

5 on Friday
Reply by Anna Morelli

Won't eat normal food and we're going away on holiday

Hi all I hope someone has some ideas to help us! Our Corgi, Fortie, won't eat his regular dog food, ie the dry food. He loves his treats, h…

Started by Bea S

13 on Friday
Reply by Jennifer Markley

Sudden increase in appetite?

My corgi mix has always loved his food (he's a corgi after all), but he had always acted like it didn't exist until I brought it out for hi…

Started by Laura Robertson

29 Apr 8
Reply by Vicky Hay

Causes of Slightly Green, Loose Stools Suddenly

Just today our eight month old puppy started having some loose, slightly green, and very smelly stools (two up to now).  He has been good a…

Started by Susan Taylor

4 Apr 7
Reply by Susan Taylor

Should I take Gwynnie to the vet?

Gwynnie is almost 11 years old.  She has had this Zaney toy for 5 days.  The squeaky is still inside it, and she's only ripped one arm off.…

Started by John Wolff

3 Apr 6
Reply by Anna Morelli

Aging Corgis; How are they changing?

Hi everyone, it's been a while since I've been around. Buddha and I have been traveling and complaining a little about the snow ( it's kept…

Started by Katy

21 Apr 4
Reply by Jane Christensen


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