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Food bags KILL!

A horrible, preventable, fatal accident.   When we came home, Siri had been trapped for hours this way.  The hole in the bag that saved he…

Started by John WolffLatest Reply

What do you feed your corgi?

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Started by Sam TsangLatest Reply

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Ellie had two seizures within 12 hours over the weekend. Based on her behavior, I suspect she's been having them for the past week when I'v…

Started by Heather & Ellie

22 on Tuesday
Reply by Heather & Ellie

Food and respiratory allergy (reverse sneezing) UPDATE

Over the past year I have been dealing on and off with respiratory allergies which appeared to be seasonal. First one dog, then another, th…

Started by Anna Morelli

9 on Friday
Reply by Anna Morelli

What do you feed your corgi?

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Started by Sam Tsang

495 Jul 17
Reply by Chelsea Meredith

Crystals and lost appetite

my corgi started skipping meals and lost interest in food. Weird, right? The vet ran a blood panel and everything came back normal. Then th…

Started by Ivy

4 Jul 16
Reply by Holly

chiropractic experiences

I have made an appointment for milly to visit the chiropractor on  monday.  I feel that there is more I can do for her than sit and wait .…

Started by Dana C

10 Jul 15
Reply by Linda

Sentinel Flavor Tabs

Do you use Sentinel on your corgis? If so, what dosage do you use? My corgi weighs 34 pounds. I just switched him from the green box, 10-25…

Started by Joseph Ku

6 Jul 13
Reply by Joseph Ku


well another question about limping :(. A little background. I didn't see this happen because I was in another room but on Boxing Day, Mill…

Started by Dana C

8 Jul 12
Reply by Dana C

Tug of war?

Can anybody talk to me about tug of war with a puppy?  Our new girl is coming home next Saturday, and I'm so excited!!!  But, in the materi…

Started by C_Lowe

16 Jul 6
Reply by Marina Holshevnikoff

Stem Cell Therapy

One of the saddest things to read here are the incidents of serious and painful illnesses experienced by corgis and corgi owners, especiall…

Started by Holly

6 Jul 3
Reply by Vicky Hay

Hot Spots

Jeli has just developed a hot spot.  It is about the size of a dime, located on her back, close to the tail area.  The hair has come out an…

Started by susan

10 Jun 22
Reply by Denis J.


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