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My corgi, Cody, started nipping at his hindquarter a couple days ago. He has had hot spots before, but I didn't see any red skin, so I know it isn't that. I did feel a lot of small lumps under his skin next to his spine. I'm really worried. He seems to be walking different too, like swaying more in his hind legs. The lumps seem to be painful to him, or itchy, I'm not sure which. Cody is 10 yrs old and is a purebred. He has been healthy all his life with only a sensitive tummy to worry about (and the one time hot spot). He has for years done this weird thing where he acts startled or like someone pinched him from behind and it's as if he is trying to get away from it. It only last for a few seconds and then he's seemed fine. Has anyone experienced any of these issues? The lumps on under his skin next to his spine are my biggest concern. I plan to take him to the vet within the next week.  Update: Cody does have a hot spot on his left hind quarter. It wasn't there this morning but now it's red and raw. Still not sure what the lumps are. I had some spray left over from his last bout with hot spots and he seems a little more comfortable now that I sprayed it.

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