Help!! Corgi is yelping when I pet his sides, laying around a lot

2 days ago my Corgy started yelping randomly when he was touched, and he never yelps! I just figured he was being temperamental but Today he's yelping when I just pet his sides lightly? He yelped yesterday when I put him in and out of our van to go to the groomers, but I just figured I maybe picked him up wrong, but now I'm worried and not sure what's going on with him. Not sure if something got worse at the groomers or if he was already dealing with some issue. He's eating fine, and peeing normally. He's started an odd behavior as well, after 3 years of living with our other large dog, he all of the sudden( over the last few months)  is aggressive and barking at the large dog a lot when our large dog gets to excited.Not sure if that's related or not, I'm wondering now if he's aggressive because the large dog is hyper and bumps him off and on when he's excited? Anyone ever dealt with this? Any help would be appreciated!

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I would take him to the vet.  The two behaviors are likely related;  it may be that the bigger dog bumped him and caused an injury, or it may be he has pain for another reason and the big dog bumping him aggravates it.  But a vet trip is in order either way.   Yelping for no easily identifiable reason should always warrant further investigation.  Good luck.

Thanks,Yah weird thing is now he seems fine,So I'm just watching him for now

Might want to take that dog to the vet. Could be a fractured rib? Yelping would seem to indicate some kind of pain.

For $20.00 you can ask your question at to a veterinarian.  (And they have other people for other questions, including legal, etc.)  I consider this option to be half way between going to a vet, which usually is at least $60, and doing nothing or asking around on forums.      An example of when I used this service is when Dipper ate 1/4 lb of chocolate.  It was a gift to me and had been left, wrapped, under the Christmas tree.  Well THAT was a bad idea.  He chewed it open.  The vet asked his weight and the amount of chocolate and said it should be OK, and it was.  So that saved me hundreds of dollars and four hours of waiting time to get the same opinion at the local emergency pet hospital.    There are of course many situations where the vet won't be able to offer you a diagnosis without seeing the dog and then you may end up paying the usual vet fee plus the $20.  Still it is a good option to keep in mind.


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