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I feed my corgis california natural brand, lamb and rice. The adult, wicket, gets the reduced calorie and cindel gets the puppy chow. Its made of all natural, no by products, never had any recall problems, and it doesn't use corn or wheat glutein.
i feed mine a mixture of the royal canin calorie control(its a prescription food) and nutro high energy. she LOVES it.
Why do you feed a low calorie and high calorie food it seems that you could use an adult food and it would be close to the calorie cont.
Mochi get's fed Evo Red Meat small Bites. She seems to love it when she decides to eat it.
I currently feed my corgi Merrick food...she just loves the flavors...i mix canned and dry. However, she is a finiky eater...I did try this new thing they have called wholemeals...they are a new concept in dog food...i just question their ingredients but she loves them and they are a great idea for her since her favorite past time is chewing...I just did not want to switch her to them if the ingredients were questionable....thoughts?
It looks like a dream come true for Mochi she loves to chew things, and I love how in the video its a corgi chewing on it! ha ha

But i feel like for some reason its seems too good to be true, can it reallly be that great for your dog that they can some how process the dry food even more than in small kibble bits and into a a shape like a bone?

And they sell it at petco and Petsmart, and i feel weary buying food from there if i can't get it at my local pet food store which i knows carries good food.

Plus the ingredients don't seem that great, Compare the first 4 ingredients in your Merrick (depending on which flavor you choose: Beef, Oatmeal, Barley, Beef Meal,ect) food to the 4 in the Wholemeals (Rice, Flour, Chicken By Product (YUCK) meat broth,ect) Most of it is just Filler product not that great for your pup IMO.

And.. Merrick ( is listed as a 4 star dry food on and wholemeals is listed as a 1 star (
I tried going to the Whole Meals site and it seems like they aren't sellng it anymore.
Ours get Merrick as well, dry and canned. The flavors are apparently really yummy (they even sound good--the cat likes the Turducken, so she gets a few kibbles when the boys get their meals). Until I find a reasonably priced answer to feeding raw, this will do.

I clicked on that link you posted and it took me to the Mars candy bar company website. I didn't see anything about dog food--did I miss something?
I'm feeding Nature's Variety pre packaged raw (I do half that half Wilderness kibble and/or store bought raw meaty bones) and for my small male corgi it is costing about $35 a month. The Nature's Variety is $30 for 12 patties and I feed him half a patty a day and the rest supplement with kibble and raw meaty bones and he loves it!
I guess it's a good idea as a treat, but there's absolutely no meat in it, just some "chicken-by-product" which means all the nasty parts you don't want to think about (heads, lungs, feet, assorted scraps).

you might not want to think about the nasty parts, but dogs love them... especially offal.  tripe, heart, liver, stomach, trachea. 

Just to add, my mom's dog loves chicken heart and for the "assorted chicken scraps" for example the feet, is actually a delicacy in some parts of Asia so maybe it could be desirable for dogs? who knows ^^ I think as long as its fresh it should be ok...and not the rotten ones..yuck!


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