What are your corgi names? and their nick names?

My corgis are Mocha and Vienna, we named them after coffee drinks, vienna is actually a blend of turkish coffee :)

Nick names:
harry butt, bunny butt, miss fatty, mocha latte, frappochino, vienna sausage, fat rabbit, double mint twins (when they're together)

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my girls are Holly, named after Audrey Hepburn, Holly-Go-Lightly, Amber is Cabaret Girl, named after the Movie Cabaret. Their nick names are often longer than their actual names. Holly gets, Good Golly Miss Holly! Muffin, Miss Lucky Buddha Belly and Amber gets, Ambie Bambie, Pumpkin & Pumkin Paws. Love all the names, they're all so cute, but then that's just comes naturally for corgis!

My corgi's name is Blackie.  Her nick names are princess, buddy, and puppy.

It's awesome to see all of the cool names!

My little one's full name is GigiDozer's Obito Uchiha. Gigi and Dozer are his parents, and Obito Uchiha comes from a Japanese Manga/Animation series. He's Tobi for short.

Although other names we've called him include Goober Butt, Little Butt, Ding Dong, and simply ... Tobes. :-)

My Corgi is Penny. She has a few nicknames; Monkey, because her favorite toys are her monkey toys, also she acts like a little monkey: Boo, and Low Rider.

My Gordon Setter's name is Phoenix, but we call him Peanut.

My Cocker is Ivy but we call her Bear, because she looks like a teddybear.

Molly's nickname is mollywobbles :3 we named her after Molly Weasley from Harry potter :)
I call our other dog savannah bugger but and savannah banana

Our corgi's names are Morris and Maisy or M&M as we call them.

Their individual nicknames are "Pork Chop" for Morris and "Chunky Monkey" for Maisy. Neither of them are fat right now, but last winter Morris and Maisy got a little thick ;)


Nick Names she has gotten and or earned.

Speed bump, Fatty, Fluff butt, Waggs, Kitty, Meatloaf, Precious and a few that are explicit (especially that tounge in ear awaking in the morning will produce those).


Caris is my little one. Her nick name is deedo. Haha Im not positive how that ended up, I believe it started with leetle one, leetle deetle, then now just deedo.

Our corgis are Bubby and Bailey.

Bubby's nicknames are Bub (of course), Bubbles, Bubblerumpskins, Bubbasaurus, Bubbles Zabini, Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble, Bubzy, etc.

Bailey is Bailey Beluga after the song Baby Beluga. She gets called Beluga, Luga, Bailey Luga, Bails, Bailers, Fluff Butt, little girl, Luga Loo, etc.

I'm surprised they even know their names. They probably just come to anything now.

Our corgi's name is Maromi, Japanese name of the dog from Paranoia Agent.

His nick names are Bun, Romi, Romes, Hampster, Hampster pants, and a few of our friends have taken to calling him Peppermaromi x]

I love this! Our boy is Cameron, after one of our baseball stars when he was born... he is most commonly known amongst family and friends as The Buddy. Also known as... The Pal, Mister, panda boy, buddy-bear, my prince, bunny-butt, mister squeaker, barkasaurus, fuzzbucket,  bestest-boy-in-the-whole-wide-universe.

Our lively little girl is Tally, commonly known as The Bug. Also known as... little bitey bite bite, baby girl, The Princess, baby woo-woo, pouncy, bugacita, lickasaurus, must-lick, sweetie pie, bestest-girl-in-the-whole-wide-universe.

Together, they are "the pups". Also, we call our corgi household the "Clown Town".


Abbey is our corgi'a name. Sometimes I call her Abigail. My husband calls her "Crack Head!"


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