Cruise gets Neutered tomorrow...recovery time?

Cruise gets neutered tomorrow. Does anybody know the recovery time?...Last time I had a male dog neutered was many years ago. My cocker,MacGyver, who died in february of 2007 was 18 years it's been like 19 years and I do not remember what it entailed. Tiki, my other corgi was spayed last year so that of course is different.

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Sid was neutered in February. He was woozy that night but the next day he was his usual crazed self. We tried to keep him still and he healed quickly (within a week, I think) with no infection or oozing. We did use the inflatable neck collar at night to keep him from licking the incision, and just kept him distracted during the day. Good luck, Cruise!

There are a couple old threads in the archives about neutering. If you have time you might go check them out. In fact, I think I might have started one, back in February. ;-)
Cruise was neutered yesterday...he did great!...he is already wanting to run around and play with, keeping him calm is a challenge but he is pretty much acting like nothing happened and it is < 1 day.
Glad to hear he did so well.

Rolo was back to his old tricks the very next DAY. The biggest challenge was keeping him from jumping. Just take advantage of the "calm time" and love on him lots when he's all doped up and cuddly... he won't be that way again for a LONG time!
Typically the responses are what I have experienced. The only thing that may make it different is if he has a retained testicle. If this is the case I suspect your vet would have mentioned it by now.
When Oliver was neutered, he came home and played "pitiful dog" for an evening, then by the next morning he'd completely forgotten and was totally back to normal.

Roxy was the same way about being spayed. We expected more downtime for that since it's more invasive, but the little nut was FRAPping the very next day without a care in the world. It's barely been a week and she's pretty much completely healed and it didn't slow her down for a second.


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