I found dwARF dog website while I was searching for dog friendly places in my city. Just wondering if anyone dresses their Corgis? How do your dogs feel about it? I'm not really into dressing up my animals but I think it's sort of neat that there's somebody making clothes expressly for Corgis. They have that long body, short leg, cute jersey thing going on. Has anyone ever sewn their own corgi clothes? I might try it out.

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Yes, Kristin is our member and she runs dwARF dog.
i dress my dog on occasion and she actually enjoys it. the second i pick up her shirt she starts bouncing up and down and gets really excited.
Oh, how neat, I like the stuff on her site! It's sure hard to find things that fit Corgis and deep chested dogs well.

I admit, I totally dress up the Corgsters quite a bit. Both of my dogs actually like to wear things; when one of our distributors comes in with coats to show for winter, Piper will harass him until he puts one on her and she can show off how cute she is. Riley of course, likes photo-shoots - I do some silly things (of course) for these, as well as shooting photos of him and products.

However, I do use a lot of clothing for serious reasons: rain-gear to keep their chests and bellies dry and mud free when we walk in the winter, and to keep them dry when it's pouring and windy. Plus, heavy-duty dog boots for sore paws, or for when I know we're going to be walking on barnacles down at the beach; sliced paws are no fun!

But that's a really great website! Thanks for the tip!
I have bandanas from Kristen/DwarfDogs and they are great.
I have to admit I do dress up my little harry. he is only a puppy and so far he loves it. I also do for pratical reasons as well, mostly to keep him clean since his legs are so little!

I actually am going to start making him clothes on my own, but have found that i can get the "mussle tees" style from like petsmart that fit him pretty well.

I like to sew so I figure they can't take too long!
That would be great, a little shirt-thing to keep his belly clean. My dog seems to comb the yard collecting dirt on his underside. I dont think I could get away with clothing my dog though lol.
Yeah...after 'the cone' we know that he would stand like a statue if you ever put something more then a bandanna on him.
lol, that too.
I was more worried about turning in my man-card.
Then you're just going to have to find manlier clothing for the Cheezball. How does a leather or denim vest sound?
My little one LOVES clothes! He knows that he looks cute!

Since we got invited to a doggy Halloween party, my duaghter said we could get a costume for SId. We found a cute little cow costume. I assumed that the moment we put it on, SId would throw a fit, but he was calm as can be! After we took it off each time, Sid followed us grabbing at the costume as if he wanted it back on! Maybe corgis actually don't mind clothes, huh?
Zed seems to enjoy wearing bandanas. That's about as much as we dress him up.


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