Hi there,

Does anyone know if there is such corgi club in Brisbane? I really want to bring milo to meet other friends and exchange experiences.


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I live in Brisbane and I was wondering the same thing! There seems to be corgi clubs in all the other states, but I haven't found a website for one in Qld.

Arabella is 3 months old and she just LOVES to play with other puppies!

Do you know anyone else that owns a corgi?

Hi, we've only just joined My Corgi. We've not heard of a club either. Corgis seem pretty few and far between in Brisbane, though lots of people approach us and say they used to have one. We met maybe 2 - 3 other corgis at the Million Paws Walk this year. At the Ekka my husband met about 3 breeders and only saw about 15-20 dogs. We just think it makes them more special and love kids running up trying to remember what type of dog the Queen has! A chihuahua, no a sausage dog? No, a corgi!! Pimms's tail always confuses them.
Julie and Ross
Hello everyone

I'll have to join this group. I agree there doesn't seem to be that many corgis around Brisbane. A lot of younger people (teens and children) ask me what type of dog is that??? - no one older asks! We take our corgi to Logan dog training and the only other corgi that seems to be there is another that is owned by another member of my family. Go corgis! I live over near Acacia Ridge way where the Qld Canine Council www.cccq.org.au has it's shows at Durack. There are proposed show dates up on their web site for the Welsh Corgi Club Qld for next year Sat 20 Feb OS, Sun 11 June CH, and 31 July/1 August the National Welsh Corig Club Championship show!! I don't know anything about showing and have nothing to do with breeding but I had a look at one of the shows last year and you can go have a look and everyone I met last year was lovely. They ddn't mind us hanging around looking and commenting about how nice their corgis were. It was like the Ekka but only no crowds, it was free and heaps of corgis and a cup of tea was about .50c. The National Championships would be worth checking out at the least!!!
Thanks for the reassurance that it worth going ... I plan to go this time ... So see you there :-)
Holly, Amber and myself are off early in the morning for the 14th Welsh Corgi National at the CCC Dog Showgrounds, King Ave Durack. Three days of seeing our Aussie Corgis! They're sooo gorgeous:x) See you there!


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