Are any of you watching "The Greatest American Dog" on TV Thursday nights? While they made a grave mistake - not a single corgi or we KNOW who'd win - I've been enjoying watching the dogs do their thing. Any favorites? Observations?

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on to episode 2. . .travis is a lil hottie. :) and i adore bill, what a sweet old man. there needs to be more people like him in this world!! Kenji's mom totally pissed me off how she made her dog yelp!! I am watching just thinking - "Blaze could never do that!!" (1/2 the tricks they do!!) Now I'm tearing up - Star got hurt!! :( Bill really, really loves that dog. I am so glad that I am off this Weds - we are soo watching this. Commercials gotta be better than laggy loading time!!
on to episode 3. . .can't stand the blonde with the whiny voice. I hope that Kenji finds a good home away from the ACK lady - it was AWESOME when the judge was doing it back to her. I really like Laura and Preston, tho from previews I saw the mohawk and thought I would hate her. pretty addicted to the show now - thanks guys. :D but it would be waaayyy better with a corgi!!
It's on Thursday nights on CBS here, so double check your listings. I can't wait for Thursday!

Oh, when Star got hurt I was crying too. It does my heart good to see these grown men cry over their dogs.
I was heartbroken when Star got hurt. I felt more bad for Bill then Star. Bill loved Star so much. :( I get pretty soft when it comes to dogs..
I was sorry to see Dave and Elvis go last week. They probably weren't the team to win, but I would have liked to see others leave before them. I was rooting for them as "underdogs". My new favorite underdogs are Ron/Tillman and Bill/Star. I'm betting on Travis/Presley right now to win (probably until we see what drama unfolds this week).

People I want to see go are Brandy/Beacon because Brandy's high-pitched frenetic excited screeching hurts my ears, Beth Joy/Bella Scarlett because of the stupid dresses and bad attitude, and Laurie/Andrew because I think Laurie stabbed Dave/Elvis in the back during the judging last episode after falsely making it seem they had something of an alliance.
I think Andrew looks like a lil bug. . . and not in a good way either!! I was bummed to see Dave and Elvis leave as well and think that the judges made the wrong decision - you can see that Dave really loves Elvis. (plus I think Elvis has such a nice face!!) But I guess that "nice" people (or dogs) don't make good television.
The "Bark Mitzvah" that David through for Elvis really showed his love for him.
hell, I wish that someone had that much love (= MOOLAH!!) for me!! :) Just kidding. . .I wouldn't change my life for anyone else's. . .even tho right now my kitten has decided to use my hand as a chew toy!! :-P
I think there are still some nice dog/owner teams left (like Bill and Star), but these shows always like to leave someone contentious on for ratings.
I just saw a commercial on TV that says that The Greatest American Dog is moving to Wednesday nights, 8pm. Whoops, I'm glad I saw that!
bummer who got voted off. :( will write more later - don't want to spoil for anyone who hasn't watched it yet.
Ahh! I missed it. Will watch it online though :)


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