After too many delays, our online store is up and running. Take a look at and enjoy the fruits of my labor ;)

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Wow, is that your storefront? It's beautiful!!

I adore your logo and awning! How lovely and eye-catching; your shop there has curb appeal, very very, very nice!!! I'll have to go pop over to your online store and take a look right now - I love seeing what other people do out of state! :D
Cool Store! And very nice website. Easy to browse. I love the doggie profiles on the top of the home page. Great job!
cutee store! but i wish there were more clothes that were geared towards corgi's and their long body! esp for the jacket/sweaters i would totally buy if it was the right length :[
We usually get more long things toward the wintertime. Coats and heavy sweaters tend to run longer and wider. I'm always pushing for the odd sizes, believe me!


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