a corgi keychain!

I saw these fancy keychains in the Petsmart http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3200373
- but there was no corgi keychain!

I wonder if I can find it wherever...

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Thanks!! That's cool! Going to order one today! :)
That many! it's difficult to make a choice now :))))
Pet Supermarket has them thats what my sister in law got me as a present for a puppy warming present :o)
Have you tried eBay or Drs. Foster and Smith? There also may be some on the Corgi Aid site. Try http://www.corgiaid.org/shop/index.php. You may find something you like and help less fortunate corgis as you shop!
Those are all awesome websites, I also had seen the keychains at petsmart but didnt see the corgi one, now there are so many choices to make, I just might have to buy everything I see, lol! Too hard to decide with all these great websites. Thank You everyone for the website info, I am always looking for good website to shop at!
I found this one and thought it was just the cutest little thing! I had to order one.

I saw on the corgiaid link, the menopaws site has Dichronic glass! My fav type of jewelry, so I MUST order a pendant! They are so gorgeous.
Even more choices! Thank you very much, everybody! :)
I found one at a Mills Fleet Farm store. I t was a new one in south Rochester Minn. Lots og handy sruff in these farm stores. Connie
I agree :) I've found some fun things in private little pet stores as well. They can be fun to go into sometimes
similarly, I've been looking for a pembroke welsh corgi golf club head cover. they seem to have every breed except corgis! anybody have any leads?



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