a corgi keychain!

I saw these fancy keychains in the Petsmart http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3200373
- but there was no corgi keychain!

I wonder if I can find it wherever...

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I have a corgi key chain it's the same one they sell at petsmart but my grandma got it at hallmark for me for Christmas i loved it it was probably the best present i got
I got mine at Petsmart but I did see them at Ranch and Home too. I'm not sure if you have those in your area but they'd probably have them at any ranch supply store.
A corgi keychain? No way. Right now, if I lose my keys, I've only lost my keys.
With a corgi keychain, if I lose my keys, I've lost my DOG, too.
Plus, they wouldn't let me bring my keychain in to work.
Great websites!
thanks if you were referring to me.
I saw a cute corgi keychain the other day in a Hallmark store. It had a silver corgi on it, a doggie bowl charm, and a bone charm.
I got mine at a TA truckstop. Up by the cash register at the Iron Skillet resturant (inside the TAs) they have a souenir section with a circular rack that has Dog of all type Key Chains.
try the "hallmark" store that's where i bought mine, also the petsmart stores do sell them, you might need to dig for it, i bought one for my friend there.


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