a corgi keychain!

I saw these fancy keychains in the Petsmart http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3200373
- but there was no corgi keychain!

I wonder if I can find it wherever...

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ohhhhhh now thats a challenge :)
maybe try cafe press?? they have everything dog breed wise.
I found my corgi charm key chain at Petsmart last night! YAY!!!
You need to go to my petsmart! They had a bunch last night when I was there!
Yeah, that is a bummer, that would have been a nice thank you present, well maybe you can give it to her for Christmas instead!
I was just in Petsmart today getting Ludo's toenails trimmed. They do have a corgi keychain at our Petsmart. Its so cute! I almost bought it, but it was about $15.00... a little out of my range for a keychain. But I did see them there... Good luck finding one... Try Coachouse gifts or Hallmark stores too, they always seem to carry things like that! :)
i can make you a corgi keychain, you just need to send me a photo of what you want westvirginiaswonderfulaussies@yahoo.com thanks carrie
Isn't that just our luck? At least our dogs aren't a dime a dozen. I just got back from Florida and surprisingly found a corgi key chain that was really cool. I will see if I can find you a link to one.
They have them at Pets Supplies Plus and PetSmart and I have 2 of them with a corgi on it...the one is just a metal corgi and the other one is actually painted BUT the charms easily come off. I have one on my keys and the other one is just to have and the Corgi and an award have come off the chain to the one I am using and for the price I don't feel they are worth it.
I lost the corgi charm off of mine too! Booooo! D:
I found a corgi key chain at petsmart once, it was one of the charm ones. Desided at the last minute not to buy it and have been regreting it ever since, as i haven't been able to find it agian.


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