Ever since I got my Pem Winston in July of 2007, my love for this breed has been undying. Although I love all dogs of every shape, size, color, personality, whatever, I am definitely a Corgi enthusiast.

Although I don't condone getting a dog from a breeder (I got Winston from a breeder), I have made the decision to get all my future dogs/cats/whatever from shelters. There are so many lovely dogs out there that are in shelters waiting to be adopted, while corgis from breeders are living in a home with attention daily. Since I love Corgis and want to adopt from a shelter, I thought I might pass the idea on to others. I know many on here probably want another corgi to add to their life, or at least I do, so I found a website that can find corgis in your area that are in shelters.


Both these links allow you to find corgis in your area that are in shelters! However I do want to say that I don't think anyone's a horrible person for getting a dog from a breeder. Dogs are dogs no matter where you get them. But if you are looking to add a corgi to your family and wouldn't mind adopting from a shelter, I definitely recommend looking there!

Also, if anyone is in or around the Dayton, Ohio area and does not have a dog, there is a corgi named Princess Annie who you can find on petfinder.com. She has been on the website for a long time and it breaks my heart as she is 12 years old and no one wants to adopt her because she is a senior corgi. She does not get along with other dogs but I can tell she is a sweetheart nonetheless. If you know anyone in or around Ohio that would not mind adopting an older, sweet dog, please tell them about Princess Annie! I would post the link but I'm going to be honest, every time I see her picture it makes me cry. She is such a sweet little dog and I really wish I could provide her with a home, but I have a dog and she does not like other dogs very much. Please pass the word on about her!!! The best way to search her is search corgi and just type in my zipcode "43017"

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I wish I could help Annie, but I also have a rescue that doesn't get along with strange dogs. She has no problem with Duncan, but don't let a strange dog near her, she gets very nasty.

My husband and I agree also, the next corgi will come from a rescue. I thought about that when I got Duncan, of going through a rescue first. But, since my husband had never had a dog, I thought it would be best with a puppy; afraid that a dog would have issues from his past. I already went through that with one dog. I took in a Rottie from a friend that someone had dumped off in the counrty. I only had her about 2 days, when I saw she had MAJOR issues when men. So, the girl took her back, (she didn't work outside the home, so she was able to work with the dog more than I could) but, I got to see her every now and then....making sure I had a bully stick for her.
Zed is a rescue Corgi. He's the best pound puppy you could ever want.
Caleb is a rescue, and the best dog I could ask for! Yay for you for wanting to rescue your next pet from a shelter!
Rescue dogs always seem to be awesome... I hear they are just much more grateful for everything you have to offer them. I originally was looking at corgis in shelters but most of the shelters in or around my area have strict rules and requirements to adopt a dog, such as you have to be 25+, cannot rent an apartment, etc. etc., and when I was looking at dogs I was 18 and living in an apartment... So I chose to get a dog from a breeder. Although I really wish I could've gotten a dog from a shelter, I'm glad I got Winston. Having a puppy and learning everything from scratch - as opposed to a dog who could be really anxious or angry due to any past abuse - has taught me a lot about dogs and training in general, so now I feel like I can handle any dog no matter what their past. I am definitely getting all my dogs from shelters from here on out. <3
My best buddy Bruce (corgi mix) came to us through Petfinder. They are a wonderful service! Bruce had just a few days left when we found each other. He has been a most wonderful dog, my favorite dog, and I'm go happy he came into my life.
Dont forget your regional corgi rescue groups. They often have wonderful dogs looking for new homes. Rescue organizations also take time to evaluate and hopefully match the dog with the prospective adopter, their family and lifestyle.
What the website does is finds corgis from all over your area from shelters and local corgi rescue groups. It's really cool because I never knew Ohio even had any! But yes, rescue group workers are excellent sources in helping you pick out the dog that's best for you. :D
There is a lady in Mt. Gilead, Ohio that rescues Corgis and other dogs from either Amish puppy mills or high kill shelters. I hope that she is still doing rescues when Duncan and Chloe are gone....which I hope is not for many, many years yet.
Really? Id love to know more information about her! I fully plan on getting another dog when I move out which should be the end of this year/beginning of next and I want to research as many corgis as I can to make sure I get the right one :]
Koa is also a rescue! Our lives have been truly blessed by his presence....only now I want MORE CORGIS....I might be the future world record holder of rescued corgis!!!! Seriously though, you could also be a foster parent to these great dogs.
As much as I would love being a foster parent, I would probably end up keeping all the dogs!! Haha. And I found that lady in mt. Gilead.
All of ours are rescues of some form or another...shelter, unwanted, give-a-ways, etc. Not saying I wouldn't go to the expense of using a reputable breeder, because I would. But there are so many of these wonderful dogs who need homes. One article I read said that up to 25% of all dogs in shelters are pure-breeds. Shelter dogs do come with baggage, though. Usually it's some type of destructive behavior that exists because of uninformed or uncaring owners. It's always a good idea to put shelter dogs through obedience training.


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