It sounds a bit funny but - While traveling in Boston to see bonus child 1 we found a real fun cup. It is a CHEER UP CUP. It has a animal surpise inside. The one we bought and brought back with us has a CORGI in it. The cup is a white cup and you can drink from it and it is diswasher safe.

We gave it to our good friend, Corgi love, and founder of PSC STL and the person that helped us with Toby and Lola. I have been in touch with the company - but they do not have a website. They are sending me an order form and have ordered another cup. As soon as it comes I will post the picture. I am trying to get them on the web but they say they are a small company and having issues with it.

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i would love to see a pic when you get a chance, if the company is interested in getting their product on the web, contact my wife at

As soon as I get the info - I will pass it to your wife and will put up a pic....
hmm if its money issues, my guildmate sent me this information (since we're looking to upgrade as well)
"Here are the details for the plan
It's actually $95 for 12 months, but there is a coupon out there that will take 25 bucks off and give you additional 2 months, so you end up at $70 for 14 months."

If its just finding a cheap webmaster, if I got my hands on dreamweaver I could probably start something up for them for no money. I love helping new businesses and/or artists since I know myself that its hard to get a foothold in the world :) Seems like a cute idea, I've seen it before in shops around here but never a corgi :)


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