I've had a hard time finding active Corgi owners in Austin, but here are some general dog park events in Austin. We'd love to see other Austin area Corgis with their humans!

Sunday 01/27/08:
Dog Party organized by Yelp.com
This is an all-breed, all-sized-dog event starting with a hike at 11:30am at Bull Creek District Park and ending at Freddie's dog-friendly restaraunt.
Details: http://www.yelp.com/events/austin-dog-party-hike-play-eat-and-drink...
(Charlie and I are not planning to attend this event, but check it out if you're looking for something to do Sunday. The weather should be great!)

Saturday, 02/02/08:
Norwood Estate Dog Park, 1:00PM
I35 at Riverside Drive
This is a Small Dog Meetup group for dogs under 30 lbs. (If you have a 35 lb Corgi, I doubt anyone would complain.) We'll be in the fenced section of the park reserved for small dogs. This group plans to meet every 1st and 3rd Saturday.
(Charlie and I will be attending this meetup if the weather is nice.)

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New events posted today for the next two weekends. :)
Man, I haven't been to Norwood Estate Dog Park in about 2-3 years. I tried going there with my older Corgi when he was about a year old and had a bad experience with the larger dogs that were totally untrained. I'm glad to hear that they have a fenced section reserved for smaller dogs.

Maybe I'll take my Corgis this Saturday and check out the improvements. I'm usually at Bull Creek every weekend with my 2 Corgis since they LOVE swimming but the weather hasn't been warm enough to take them out there the last few weeks.
Welcome Marta! Yes, come on out on Saturday. We're planning to go. It looks like they're still forecasting good weather (about 70 degrees). The fenced area for small dogs isn't very big, but it is nice to have a separate spot. I think Charlie would like to play with the big dogs, but since he's still a puppy, I wouldn't want to risk some big untrained dog scaring him. In the small dog area, Corgis ARE the big dogs. LOL
We'll definitely try to make it out there. Norwood Estate is actually a pretty good dog park. The problem lays with the some of the dog owners out there. I went out there about 3 times a few years ago and each time there were too many dog owners who took newspapers and books and ignored their dogs the entire time. And when their dog started fighting with another dog, they were slow to stop the fight (even they even made an attempt).

If we spot you and Charlie, we'll come over and say hi!


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