For those of you interested in dog agility, Animal Planet is airing the AKC Agility National Championship this evening. 8pm Eastern, 7pm Central

Like most of you, I'm rooting for any Corgi competitors! : - )

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I didn't get to see the Corgi Maddie? do her thing ? Did i miss part of it ? I loved watching it and will watch the Westminster show tonight .
I was a little disappointed in Animal Planet's editing. They only showed "highlights" of the 8" height division in which Maddie competes. Maddie placed 4th in her division, but they didn't televise her full course run; only a teeny clip. Then the flashed the top 4 in the group. If you "blinked", you missed it. : (

Just because they don't have legs, doesn't mean they're second-class citizens. LOL
I Agree !!
I agree. Have any of you been on the AKC website lately? I was just on. They have posted results and pictures, and one of them is a Corgi! I don't know if it's Maddie or not, but I couldn't find the results.
Yes, I went the the AKC website trying to find a TV schedule for the Agility Nationals. I guess it wasn't televised (or I missed something). I saw a few Corgi photos from the competition. It would have been nice if they had put names on them.
Oh, thanks for the heads up! I want to try agility with Theo when he's older, but I don't actually know how it all works. I think I'll check it out for the education. :)


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