Hey all you corgi-philes! The Westminster Kennel Club show starts tonight. Check your local listings! I live for seeing the dog shows and Westminster never disappoints. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the show.

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Thanks for the heads up! I'll be watching. : )
I also discovered yesterday that once the group winner has been chosen. The Best of Breed judging can be viewed on the AKC site. Not sure of the time lag. I did watch both the PWC and CWC judging from last years show? You can get a really good look at each dogs movement, side stance and overall look.

Does anyone know if any of the Corgi Aid films will be shown for the Pedigree ads during the show. I know that Pedigree was filming the picnic that warm (not!) day in Tenn at the Polar Bear picnic and they are supposed to use some of the footage in their Dogs Rule campaign. Just don't know if it would be this soon or later in the year.

On a side note the picnic did raise $18,000.00 for Corgi Aid!!!! Unbelievable, and a great job by everyone connected. It's still not to late to get some of the Polar Bear picnic magnets. Go to the Corgi Aid site (corgiaid.org)
Excited ! Thanks for the heads up :)
Charlie, I was looking at the PWC results and their were a lot of Aberlee Corgis. They are from Australia, I think, very nice dogs. Good mix in the CWCs. I wish them both good luck in the herding group tomorrow!!
There are a lot of Aberlee dogs aren't there? I just took a second look at the kennel names. I wonder what happened to the Triple H dogs this year. They won last year's BOB for the Pembrokes and were Absent this year.
An award of merit and Best of Op both went to FL dogs. We our excited for our Sunshine Club members. An looking forward to watching.
They posted the breed judging videos. A room full of Corgis. What a beautiful sight!

How cool! I just want to run into the middle of them all, lie down and be pounced on!!!! Massive corgi love! (BTW, did anyone else get a laugh during the pemmie video of the camera pan past an exhibitor with tons of corgi fluff on his suit? Cracked me up.)
What I want to know is how all the other handlers wearing black did NOT have fur on their clothes! I just tried lint-rolling my jacket. Except for the big clumps, it was a useless endeavor. LOL
For anyone who wasn't watching the show:

Uno the 5" Beagle from my home town, Austin, TX, won Westminster Best in Show! This was a first time for the Beagle to win BOS. Congrats to Uno! : - )


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