I'm looking to get my first Corgi later this year. I have looked around online for breeders but I was wondering if their were any recommended breeders I could go to? I'm looking to get a Pembroke red and white. Any help would be welcomed.

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I would visit the site Pembroke Welsh Corgi club of America and find the regional club in your area. This is always a great place to garner more information about the corgi breed, what constitutes a reputable and ethical breeder and folks who work hard to breed quality dogs.
I know there is a breeder in Redlands, which out near riverside if i remember correctly. their website is sweetopalpuppies.com
Wow, I'm actually going to go visit them tomorrow. ^_^
How did it go? did you find your corgi?
Sadly no, due to scheduling conflicts we ended up not going. We had to put our puppy search on hold but hope to start looking again in the future.
When I became interested in corgis I couldn't find any breeders in my state (Alaska) but I found a wonderful lady in Idaho that breeds pembrokes (and now cardigans too). I have adopted two puppies from two different litters and both of them have been wonderful dogs. The breeder is ethical and loves her dogs very much. I would completely recommend her to anyone looking for a corgi. I don't remember the exact URL, but do a search on Whimsy Corgis in Idaho and I'm sure the page will show up. Good luck!
Yes, we got our bunnigirl from sweet opal out there in Redlands. out in the boonies. Cool people. Bunni hasn't had any health problems, she's larger than most corgis we meet. Great temperment (sic?) and very friendly with all people. Her dad is "sparky" can't remember the momma though.
I'm rather late in replying to this; but your page seems like you're still looking for a Corgi (unless it just hasn't been updated). We got Conan from Poso Creek Puppies in Bakersfield. Really nice family and really great dogs. Conan is everything we've ever wanted. When we went to pick him up, people for his sister came too and she was the cutest fluffty gal! So we met his dad and one of his sisters. Really great kennel, in our opinion.



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