You can see the video of the corgis being judged online.

WELSH CORGI (PEMBROKE) > Videos > Westminster Kennel Club or go to

The winner was a bitch named Ch Merthyr I Thought So Too. I suppose officially she's a tri color, but she has so little red on her she looks black and white.

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Thanks for the link to the video! I agree, she's more black and white than Tri :)
After watching the westminster kennel club video on the Corgi judging, it made me wonder if my dogs legs are too long. So how long should the legs on the Corgi be
Really short! Haley's legs are too long, too. The Westminster dogs are the top corgis in the country, so all corgis "aspire" to look like that. But we have pets, not show dogs so all of our corgis will be less than perfect. Haley's got a curly tail and her legs are too long, but she's a great dog. I think her curly tail is endearing.
Thank goodness our dogs are all different!!! Augie is "too big", "too heavy", but just perfect to me. His dad was a show dog, but Charlottes breeder tells me they are not breeding "big" corgis anymore. The big chest, big head is out of fashion. But his big chest has a huge heart!!! I've never known a dog so fearless, so protective of me and my children. He makes me smile every day! Don't worry about the length of the legs, she makes you happy, and that's all that really matters.
Many years ago, several family members were into showing dogs and horses. It's sad that breeders breed for "fashionable" looks. It doesn't matter if my dog's legs are short or long. I was amazed by the leg of the legs. Every one of those dogs in the ring are beautiful babies.


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