For anyone living in Washington, Oregon, or Idaho to be on the alert. Story involves Cardigan Welsh Corgis.

Cross-posting with permission from another forum:

I'm going to post this to multiple lists so apologies in advance. This is one of those situations where you think "it couldn't happen to me". Well it almost did.

I live in a good neighborhood in Spokane. We live a couple blocks off a major road but our road is quiet and seems safe. I have a 4 1/2 to 7 foot chain link fence (really high in the back because of the alley) with a padlocked gate in back and the other gate in front, clipped, right outside the window by our computers. The yard sits back from the street. There is still a bit of snow and ice in our yard and the neighboring ones - but not enough for the dogs to climb. And while Wally is athletic and could probably climb a fence - Hannah is a slug and can't jump easily on the couch or in the car.

My husband wasn't feeling good last night so got up at about 3:15. The cardigans said "oh it's time to go OUT!" so he let them out to potty while he sat at the computer reading email. About 3:25 he heard ONE single bark so he got up to let the dogs back in.

No dogs.

Well it hadn't ever happened before but he thought they just got out. He ran up and down a couple blocks then jumped in the car and did the neighborhood grid. No dogs.

He came back to the house at about 5 when I was getting up (and got REALLY mad he didn't wake me up right away). We both canvassed the neighborhood, worried about the major road a couple blocks away where the morning traffic was starting. No dogs.

I came back and checked the gate and fenceline. Secure and no doggie footprints in the snow (which was melted only by our gate. The dogs, while cute, are not too good at opening, reclosing, and clipping gates - they have no thumbs.

Of course by this time I am frantic inside but managing to hold together. I call mom for microchip numbers, call the emergency clinic nearby and leave the info, call Denise (the localish rescue contact who didn't seem too mad I called her at 6:15am thank dog!) in case someone picked them up and calls her, make a flyer and quick lost post to Craigslist.

Hubby goes back out in the car. At 6:50ish he is driving slowly and passes an old truck with a homemade pigwire cage in the bed. It has Idaho plates (Spokane is probably 30 miles from Idaho).There's a rather mean dog in the front of the truck. He's got the window down and whistling and WALLY pops his head up in the back of that truck. Of course he stops right away! The guys are out of their truck and going different directions - both towards yards with dogs in them...

The men - both rough sounding in jeans and flannels tell Henry that they found our dogs (and the other 4 in the bed/cage of the truck) wandering loose and that they work for the local county animal control. When he tells them that those are OUR dogs they hand them right over, don't want any info or verify it and leave very quickly. Back of truck is just full of dog poops (yes they had to have baths, it was that awful).

Sounds all wrong to me....of course we were SO happy the dogs were safe that we didn't think at first but then Henry called Spokanimal (who they claimed to work for) and they confirmed that they don't have anyone canvassing neighborhoods at night AND this truck has been seen on video with people taking dogs out of the overnight drop box there. WHAT!?!? Why haven't we heard of this!!! Not a thing in the media. The police are investigating....

Our thought - and I had blown off all the reports of dogs being stolen that I had heard - is that the dogs were taken for either dog bait or the rumored medical testing facility in Couer d'Alene. FWIW I don't know but I do know my yard was secure and my dogs will go with anybody. Tomorrow I'm going to contact some media and see what kind of stink I can make.

So if you have friends in this area, or hear of things like missing dogs going up sharply in other areas, don't discount it. Spread the word. I am putting a real padlock on the front gate and the dogs are only out under our watchful gaze for now.

And thank dog this all turned out OK for my dogs... I don't know about the others in the truck and feel awful now that I know more. I thought I was in a safe area with our neighboorhood watch and quiet street...

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I am sorry to hear that it happened. I had a guy that I worked with named Henry that had Caridigan Corgis and lived in Spokane. I wonder if its the same one who had this happened to? Either way it is a tragic thing to have happened to anyone, but I am glad that they were able to make it back into their homes.
I see that this post is a few months old but I wanted to say that I am so relieved your dogs are okay. Thank you so much for the warning. I don't live in the area, but it could happen anywhere. I watched a documentary a while back called "Dealing Dogs" that exposed a kennel in Arkansas (Martin Creek Kennel) from which dogs were sold to medical testing facilities - and many of the dogs were stolen. It was a very sad documentary and I don't recommend it for anyone who couldn't bear to see piles of dead dogs and starving dogs living in deplorable conditions. But it was very eye-opening and I'm glad I watched it.
Wow!!!!! I am so glad that you were able to get your corgi back, how awful that this is happening. Thanks for the notice.
I live in Ellensburg WA and I am seriously thinking twice about leaving my Mac out for any length of time now until I hear something more about this. Thank you so much for posting. Please keep me informed. For now though Mac will only go outside long enough to go to the bathroom. I don't want to loose him and I am very glad the person got their pups back.
that is sooooo scary. I'm glad you got your furkids back. Make a big stink. I would. That's so scary. I would have freaked. I hope the other doggies are ok.


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