Ok so i was going to have a fun little neighborhood (with some friends) get together, all people and all dogs as long as they are friendly, up to date on all shots, and healthy. So this is what was going to happen. i have 3 acres but it isnt fenced in but o well. owners have to care for their own dog, as in pick up poo and keep him/her in sight. So this is what i am going to have

* 5 water bowls
*a kiddie pool
*dog toys
*goodie bags
-homemade dog cookies
-a little toy
*dog cake
*home made dog treats
*of course all the human stuff
*2 dollar fee to get in
*games (2 dollare fee per game)
-easter bone hunt
-talent show (for humans and dogs)
-musical dogs
-dog show
***all money will get donated to the local dog shelter
***do i need anything else?

this will probably happen during spring break if the weather is good anad warm enough(atleast 60 degrees)

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i just mean, having them around so the people can play with there dogs and the dogs can play with them. what is your reason?
wow, sounds like fun :)

first aid for human
air horn
poopy bags or grocery bag
trash cans


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