I... Love... Doggles!
and Roxi doesn't have them.. and the puplight sounds just.. funny.. *sucker for cute named products* So Im on an adventure to get them for her and then probably take way too many pictures as I usually do.. ((ok call the pupdad on the phone when they arrive and yell at him till he sends me pictures but its the same thing sorta ;)))

for those of you who have them. Any advice? Sizes? Getting her used to them? Brands?

The pupdad poked me to make a post asking about them so here it is :)
Thanks everyone!

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Timmy had doggles for awhile, but really didn't like them. I guess if I had continously used them, he would have acclimated. I'd never heard of the puplight, but it sounds like something worthwhile, especially for those early morning walks in the dark. Wonder if the dogs are bothered by the light and if it would make them look verrrrrrrrry sinister? Kind of like when you were a kid and shined a flashlight up under your chin??????

You'll definitely have to post pictures of Roxi. There was a pup in the video that had on doggles, I think.
We're really happy with our PolyBrite light-up collar. It's VERY bright, can flash or be solidly lit and holds up well in any weather and to a corgi who likes to roll and face-scoot. We had a light that hangs off the collar but I was worried that if it shifts to one side, it's basically non-functional to people on the other side. (We use it mainly for visibility on walks since Sully is black and it gets dark so early in the winter.) We got it at Petsmart.

The only thing that would concern me about the Puplight is how far it hangs down. I really hate having things hanging off the collar that interfere with the wee little stub-legs.

Doggles are cute but seem....pointless to me for a dog that doesn't need eye protection for injury recovery or something similar. And I would think they were an impedance to the dog's peripheral vision. The only time I see dogs wearing them is when they're hanging out a car window or riding on a motorcycle, which I would never let a dog do anyway.


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