Okay, I'm not trying to be a party pooper here, but this is a serious question and I think it will be a good thread for some of us when that day comes. Could someone share their experience with us?

1. What are your options when it comes to burial? pet cemetery? backyard? Is there even a casket?

2. Is cremation even possible?

3. Is there a death certificate? Do you need to report anything to you local government? Anything else that we need to know about that you would like to share?

Thank you and I really appreciate your input in advance.

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dear cindy, i understand how you feel and total agreed with you. Nobody will really understand us when our pet passed the rainbow bridge. I am still feeling terrible and I will never forget the wonderful times and love he had given me. I had kept the urn of benji and my last dog Jacky with me in my room and hope one day when my times to pass this human world, Benji and Jacky ashes will united with mine as we are inseperatable. Beside my parents, nobody will love me so unconditonal than my dogs especially Benji, he is just my child for 14 years.Wish you good and happy forever.
reply to your discussion, I am from singapore and a tibetan buddhist, I had given my pet corgi Benji a veryaupicious funeral just like human. He is my family , I loved him so much and he deserved the best even in his final journey to the rainbow bridge. You can read his storey here: http://benjicorgi.blogspot.com/ and at my corgi blog. thank and I believe all dogs will go to heaven because they are so pure and with good heart.
I plan to have both of my dogs cremated and placed in a special box with their picture on it, a lock of their fur and their favorite toy or whatever. I also plan to do the same for the previous owners of Chloe. They had to give her up because of some trouble they got into. At least they loved her enough to find a good hone for her first. Her previous owner still asks about her and wanted to see her. It was hard for the friend who brought Chloe to us, to tell her that it is best for Chloe not to see her again. It would only confuse her. So, I want to make sure she get something of Chloe.
We just had to have our Tedi Bear put down, 12/29/08, he was 12 years old. We had the option on cremation,
as a group or solitary cremation. We took solitary because we will get his ashes, you have choice of urns or a plastic box. We took the plastic box because I will make his urn myself. Here you are not allowed to bury your pet in the back yard (if they know about it that is). no death certificate or any government notified.
Marion I am very sorry for your loss, here as a group you will be able to grieve as we before have grieved for our furbabies. Allow yourself time to heal, Tedi Bear is waiting for you at Rainbow Bridge. We love you and are here for you.
Sirius is deep in our back yard, with her collar, leash, and favorite toys, returning to the earth she came from, beneath some special rocks and flowers, among the roots of the mountain ash, serviceberry, ninebark, redflowering currant, and scarlet oak, all of which we planted.
It was she who taught me to love dogs. I never wanted a dog. My wife spent 2 years talking me into it. I ended up falling asleep with my face in Siri's ruff.
Where is she now? Opinions differ, but this is reasonably certain: what is left when we're gone is the consequences of our actions. So let us learn the lesson of Scrooge, and act while we can.
I am so, so sorry. We love them so much, don't we? How nice to know they love us back even more.Aren't we so lucky? You have my sympathy. This is a picture of my beautiful golden bear-I lost her in January.


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