The 2008 Calender is finally here! Thank you for all your photo contributions and participation in the voting. It was not an easy task to pick from 130+ entrees down to 50 semi-finalist. With the help of our members, we were able to pick the final 12. To see the 12 finalists, or to purchase a copy of the calendar, click here. To see the inside pages, click on the link "View Calendar Pages".

We sincerely thank all the members for their support and the love for This project wouldn't exist without all of your help.

Please keep taking lovely pictures of your beloved best friend. We will be having a super secret project coming in June. So, keep shooting!

Happly Holidays to all!


Silvia & Sam


Hello all! New year is right around the corner. It's time to start thinking and planning for next year.

I'm planning to create a calendar available for all members to purchase. In it will be of course, our little pooches. So, I'm now calling for photo submission from you. Here are the guidelines:

1. The photo must be of your Corgi only. Sorry mom and pop, let's just focus on our little baby(ies).
2. The photo must be well focused (on your dog, not the background), no photos with underexposure or overexposure will be accepted.
3. The photo must have a minimum size of 1500 x 1800 pixel (a 5x6in @ 300dpi); or a maximum of 3400 x 2500 pixel (a 8x11in @ 300dpi). As a rule of thumb, the bigger the better.
4. Photo format: ideally, RAW. But I understand most people may not have that format. So, a high quality JPG will work just as well.

To submit your photo:
1. Make sure you have followed the above guidelines.
2. Rename your photo as such: dogname-city-state.jpg. (i.e.: Fido-Orlando-FL.jpg)
3. Email your photo to with subject "Corgi 2008 Calendar". Or simply click on this link to start your emailling immediately.

Note: Because of a limited space on each page of the calendar, I'll try my best to select the best pictures and fit as many photos as I can on one page nicely. So not all photo submitted will be on the calendar. And as members, you will also have a chance to vote who you would like to see in the final calendar.

Deadline for photo submission is Nov 18.
Members voting for finalist will be from Nov 21-25.

Also, I would like to give a survey as to how many of you would be interested in buying a 2008 Calendar. This way, I will have an estimate as to how many calendars I should order. Simply reply to this discussion to show your interest.

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Thank you for your support! I'm so happy you like the Calendar!
The calender is great!! The pictures looks very professional and beautiful! Good job!
Thanks guys for all your support, we're able to raise enough money from the calendar sale to support the site for the next 6 months!
Thats Great! :) Im so happy to know as members we can help in some way!


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