I see sweet Sammie is getting ready for double ACL surgery...we will be praying for you! 


A few weeks back there was a post on here about ACL injuries and hip displysia in our beloved Corgis and someone (I'm sorry I am brain dead! I can't remember who it was!) mentioned fatty acid nuggets that helped their Corgi....well my Jack had hurt his last summer and it seemed to heal and shortly before the Holidays he re injured it, this time it appeared worse...I was trying Rimadyl and cold laser therapy and after showing the info of ingreds for the ADL fatty acid nuggets to my vet she felt it was worth a try.


I talked to the ppl at ADL, they are VERY helpful and they recommended I use the liquid as it is more concentrated and not feeding all those filling nuggets every day (he is watching his waistline:)  My vet ordered it for me and only charged me what it cost her plus shipping (it was $107 for the gallon - I'm not only using it on Jack but Katie too and my aged Eng Setter - if I would have ordered it direct it would have been $246!!!)...so Jack has been on it a good 4 weeks now and...


He is doing wonderfully!  He still holds it up at times, but doesn't flinch when I touch it and runs around like before!!  Of course his WASN'T a complete tear, he still had some resistance in the joint, but for anything with the joint, I would highly recommend it for our guys!!!!


Just thought I would share the update!!!  CORGI-ON!!!  from Nancy, Katie, Jack and angel Emma

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Glad to hear he is doing well!


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