Al has regrown his tail! It started a couple months ago; at first we didn't recognize what was happening, but now it's undeniable: a fluffy, foxy new tail!
Some salamanders can regenerate lost limbs, but I know of no vertebrate animal that can regrow a lost tail. We showed him to a zoologist at U.W., and she's amazed, might even submit a paper about it. Our dog is a biological curiosity!
I hope it stops growing, or he's gonna look real funny.

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Happy April Fools' Day John!
HAHA! Great photoshop work ;-)

Love the foxy tail by the way...suits him perfect!
Ahem. That photo was not retouched in any way except for very slight color adjustment. That is a real tail. Note how its color perfectly matches Al's coat.
Would I fabricate, prevaricate, or misrepresent the truth? Dog owners don't lie. You can't fool a dog.
Tell Al I think his tail looks mahvelous!

LOL! Great post, John.
Wow, John! Scout is SO jealous!!!
Well played! Nice photoshop work!
I corroborate John's claim that this photograph was not manipulated in any significant way. Cropping and minor exposure adjustment only. Just me sitting on the couch.
-- Al
Lol! Love it! Looks like a Daniel Boone cap kinda dog! Bertie is soooooooooooooooooo jealous, he doesn't even have a nub.


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