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that looks pretty cool! Didn't see how much it costs though (as in I didn't look).
around $40
I sometimes put the leash around my waist if the doggies are not behaving or if I am walking both dogs.
I have a fanny pack of course (yard sale, $1), but never hook the leads to it. I clip the leads to a runner with an old climbing carabiner (a runner is a loop of nylon webbing just long enough to fit over your head and shoulder). This leaves your hands free. It can be easily looped around things to hitch the dogs.
Ah! I have visions of me being dragged through the woods after some nonexistent squirrel or a deer. I guess we need to practice our leash walking more before we attempt a "clip on." lol
Hahaha!! Susan your reply made me laugh! I can see that happening to me at the beach when Benji gets into his attack the seagulls mode, it's almost unstoppable
Well you just need to have a "hefty" stance like I do.
I use a fanny pack which holds a water bottle and has several pockets for whatever else you may want to bring. I save one pocket for when I have to pick up after him and dont want to carry it the rest of the walk!!! I love it!!!
Ok, but where does the water bottle go, and the tennis ball?

I have a different fanny pack than the one thats shown here. The one I have specifically has a spot for a water bottle.


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