Grace is now 7 months old. She destroys every toy I give her. I bought her a couple of toys with not stuffing and she chewed the ears off of them. They didn't last 30 minutes! She has even chewed up rubber toys. I am afraid she will eat and swallow them. Any suggestion for some good chew toys?

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These are all really great ideas that I will use - starting today.  Sammi is 6 mths and I have nearly exhausted my bank account buying stuffed sweaky toys for her to simply distroy in a day or two!  I am a new doggy mommy and formerly only kitty owner, so I was shocked to see how fast she could distroy a toy. My vet had already told me no bones or rawhide. She loves peanut butter so that is the flavor we use for the kongs.  Thanks again for all the good advice; keep it coming! 


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