I always wanted to be a handler for a Show dog.. People ask me to Show Ace but witht he recent comments i have gotten about him from a breeder whole lives in my county she sat there and talked down about him calling him small and just slightly acted like my pup was a horrible piece of Corgi and i was looking at some of the standards and i just want to know if Ace would be disqualifed on the things people have said... and is his Blaze to big?

Honestly to me Ace is perfect in every possible way i can think of and wouldnt trade him for anything =) i was just curious and wanted to know if there were any Handlers that could help me or Owners.. if he isnt qualified to show its fine by me =)

This is My Cutie =)


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"Honestly to me Ace is perfect in every possible way i can think of and wouldnt trade him for anything =) " Sounds to me like he has already won first place! My dogs are both spayed so I can't show them but I do Rally Obedience and Agility with them. You can take them to trials and they can compete that way. It's really a lot of fun and the dogs love it too!
He has won first place i my heart =)

I really do think Ace would enjoy doing something other then hearding our cats =) Starting next month we are going to Obediance classes in hopes to better both our listening skills lol
Im excited for you. I think you and Ace will really enjoy this. Rally Obedience in a lot more casual that regular obedience. Maybe give that a try some time. And of course Agility is a kick too! I think it also makes the handler and the dog bond all the more. It has really been good for us! I dont think I'd be good showing my dogs anyway. I get my nose out of joint if anyone criticizes my dogs...lol. Keep me posted. I'd love to hear about what you decide to do.
Thanks so much =) it feels great having people root for me...

and I know Ace is really smart so i know we will do great especially since he will be the one doing all the work LOL i say that and he looks at me funny =)
its hard hearing that our beloved babes dont fit the bill!! Walker is my pem boy whom I love, and is undoubtedly my saving grace! but he is not complete show material :( *sob sob* he does have a collection of show dogs on his pedigree tho! But I can pin down a handful of faults he posses :( I want to show badly, so Walker will go to the ring, more as a learning tool for myself. If we lose we lose! The people I have met are amazing! and I enjoy it so much I have just purchased my first show female! her lines go back to Larklain Magic marker and also Bernard "Byendebrok Maplecreek Baccarat" who is one of my personal favs! she has many more on her ped, but those are 2 of my favs! so if you want to try your hand at showing, do it! so what if you lose!! you are paving your way for your own future! word to the wise, if you do plan on showing, it takes a very long time finding the perfect show prospect! and many of the breeders are guarded about whom they send there dogs with! good luck!
Thank you Muchly =) though i hate people critisizing Ace LOL so maybe Ill eventually get myself a pup that will be good =)


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