Yesterday we brought home our new little girl Penny and we are very excited to add her to our family.

As for the rescue - I feel as though things could have been better for the dogs there, however, money is obviously a problem. The owner knew next to nothing about Corgis, but then again, the rest of the dogs there were hunting dogs; Bloodhounds, Red Tics and the like....The shelter did also assure me that if there were any problems at home, Penny would always be welcome back.

I am, however, very glad to have her home in a safe place.

Rylee is still adjusting to the new addition - hopefully everything works out well :)

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Hi Lisa, could you list the basic contact info? phone numbers address, websites? that will help future members to identify. Thank you for your contribution!
phone number 860 653 0558
owner Liz Bennett
address #70 Granville Rd
East Hartwick, CT


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