I was wondering if anyone has trained there Corgi to ring a bell to go outside? I started to train Stoli this way today and would love some pointers.

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I live in an apartment too, that is why I am using the bell. I have been telling him lets go outside/potty and then I reward once we get out the door and then again when he goes potty. I am glad to know it is working for Luna.

We hung a bell from a string on the doorknob, so it would ring every time someone went in or out.  Edison caught on quickly (though we had a false start, since we initially hung it near the door hinges, and he didn't make the association).  All we had to do was praise him for ringing the bell and then letting him out, which was sufficient reward.  Of course, 30 minutes later he was abusing it in an attempt to explore the great outdoors.  Corgis are too darned clever. 

This is all really good advice.  It took Olive longer than I thought to catch on but when she did it was like magic.  Now when she needs to go out she bumps the bells with her nose.  She waits a little bit and then bumps them again with her nose.  She waits a little bit longer and then she starts slapping them with her paw and it sounds like reindeer are having a convention in our dining room.  But her name is Olive The Other Reindeer so what did I expect:).  By the way, today is her first birthday!
Happy Birthday Olive!!
I taught Quin to ring the bell before she was fully potty trained it REALLY helped.

Shelly rings a bell to go out : )


I got her one of those ring for service bells so it sits on the floor. I started out by slowing shaping it, first all I needed was for her to look at the bell, then move on to when she would hit it with her paw then I add a "ring your bell" command. Then every time we went out I would ask her to ring her bell before we went out till she figured out that she had to ring the bell with out me asking her to if she wanted out.


The only trouble is, she rings it when she wants to just go out ..... we live in an apartment so if she has to go out its to potty. But if there is something outside that she wants say another dog, she will ring her bell and look at me like " well come on I want to go out and meet that other dog!!!"  its pretty cute actually

I did NOT use treats! Going out was the reward for Lilliput. I knew she would abuse it as a way to beg for food, (and the directions on the bell said not to.)  She learned very quickly, then learned to abuse it for attention, then learned that ALL that happened was the door opened, so the abuse lessened considerably. She still occasionally tries to call me when she thinks it's time for her after dinner treat, or some such scheduled event that isn't happening fast enough, but otherwise she's good.

Actually, Lilliput is always good. Silly me.

My spaniel is too stupid :)

I trained my two. Had to attach bell to a thin leash over the door knob to get it low enough for them. When training you have to let them out when they ring.  Now that they are older, they will ring to go outside to play but if they just came in, I tell them no and they walk in and lay down with a huff.

We have Max bell trained and it's wonderful! I got a huge jungle bell (about 4 inches across) so I can hear it no matter where I am in the house.  It only took about a week for him to get the hang of it.  I just made sure that I rang the bell before going outside and eventually, he decided to ring the bell so that the door would open.


When we travel we take the bell with us and Max never gets confussed.  We show him the bell, ring it and go outside.  From that point on, we are good.


I do have to warn you that in normal Corgi fashion, Max has figured out that ringing the bell means that I come to him.  Now I'm the one who is trained!  He rings the bell if he wants to play, wants to go outside, or wants a "cookie"....

When we brought Maggie to live with us at 8 weeks old, we hung bells from the door knobs so they hung low enough that she could nudge them with her nose.  Everytime we took her out to potty, we rang the bells and said, "Outside, go potty."  Within a few weeks she was ringing the bells to go outside to potty.  Maggie is 4 years old & rings the bells whenever she wants to go outside.  She has never rung the bells just to hear them.  I believe this method only works for some dogs that have a certain level of intelligence.  Our English Setter, Chelsea, came to live with us at 8 weeks old when Maggie was 5 1/2 months old.....Chelsea never did get the hang of ringing the bells to go outside to potty.

Cheryl, exactly. That's what I meant when I said my spaniel was too stupid :) I actually hung a bell on the spaniel so I could keep track of him.

That said, a previous spaniel was never trained by me to use the bell. He just figured it our from watching the corgi. And I swear that same spaniel was the one who house-trained Lilliput.

I did this when Caius was about 3-months-old, (he's almost 8-months-old now) and it works wonderful! It's a great trick. There are some days he abuses it since he realizes now that every time he rings it, either my boyfriend and I get up to take him out, but we quickly discover he just wants attention when he doesn't goes go potty when we go outside...

He rings his bell, I take the leash out, put it on him, then I calmly say, "Bell." Caius quickly nuzzles the bell in responce again. Bell = Door open, thus outside. He got it down in about two weeks!

...I highly recommend it. :)


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