Hi everyone! Tommy LOVES playing outside, pushing and chasing balls around ... however, I haven't been able to find anything that can withstand his punishment.  Soccer balls are a complete waste of money because he has them deflated or ripped apart in no time.  His basketball has held up the best but he plays so hard that it causes the brim of his nose to bleed from pushing it around so vigorously! Does anyone have any suggestions for a type/brand of ball that can withstand a corgi and yet not be so hard on the nose? Thanks so much! 

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It finally got to the point where my husband would have to drag me away from the dog toy section reminding me that our dogs would shred any toy I bought in seconds.

how about a basketball? preferably use.

a basketball has so far been the only thing he likes!! :)

Jolly ball it is. Can't be popped by my crazy female, and my male loves to grab the handle and steal it from her and run off with it!

hahaha the only problem with the handle is that then Tom grabs it and runs away from me, forcing me to chase him around the yard! 


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