I think it's going to be on this Friday if I remember correctly. Anybody plan on watching it?

I can't watch it, I know I'll get too angry. I was really tempted to watch the Michael Vick special, but I opted out at the last minute because I knew it would infuriate me too much.

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It was a good show, actually. It even focused on rehabilitating some puppy mill survivors.. and it was nice to see all of them are in homes now!

Great show, good for Cesar!!
Here's a little clip from the episode, you can watch the entire episode on Hulu. Members outside of the US can download "Hotspot" shield to watch US Content.
Love Sharon Osbourne. So glad that they could make a difference, even for just a few dogs. :)
I can't watch those shows, they make me sob uncontrollably. Then everyone gets upset...it's a just a mess. But yes, glad they were able to give a few dogs a chance at a good life.
I especially loved the beautiful Akita that Cesar helped up the ramp.. so glad she got adopted!!


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