Becca was attacked while we were walking an hour or so ago. She is fine except for a scrape on one shoulder, looks like a pinch. I can't decide whether or not I need to call animal control.

The other dog is a wheaten terrier who is never totally under control and is owned by a friends mother.(Both friend and her mother live in the neighborhood) Usually I move to the other side of the street when I see them coming. Tonight we were on a busy street so I moved up onto the lawn of the same friends house. Becca was at a heeled sit beside me. The other dog got away from its owner and attacked Becca. I kept ahold of Becca's leash,  tried to step on the other dogs leash and yelled for my friend. She came and tackled her mother's dog, I was able to get Becca away. I took Becca up onto my friend porch to run my hands over her. At that point plenty of slobber no blood. The owner asked if Becca was ok, but did not apologize.

When I got Becca home I checked her over again under brighter lights. She has a scrape on her shoulder, it looks like a pinch that will bruise. I don't know whether to call animal control or just let the whole thing go. No blood was drawn. The owner of the other dog is in total denial that she can't control her dog. We see her on a regular basis on our walks. I do not want a repeat of what happened tonight. What do all of you suggest?

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You deal with it by minimizing it in your own mind, the dog is responsive to your thinking and will adjust sooner if you can do that.   It is not a question of what kind of act you can put on for the dog.... the dog will see through that.  If you are either fearful for her, or about her reactions, and if you keep replaying it in your mind, it will compound the issue and the effects will last longer.  :-)

Things went better tonight. I was liberal with the buddy biscuits and she decided walking was a very good idea. I haven't seen the other dog at all today. Haven't heard his bell go by while I've been inside either. I've been trying not to dwell on the attack, but I keep what iffing.

Sounds like your baby is doing better.  I am  not enabling or making excuses but your neighbor might feel bad about the situation and just simply was so caught up at the time of the incident that she failed to apologize.  Things  like that can be unnerving and scary.  Glad you guys are doing better and maybe your Wheaten neighbor is laying low for a bit !  ^..^


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