Yes, its that time of year, time for Spring Cleaning.  Our last Hoover carpet cleaner finally stopped working after 16 years and so I am looking to buy a new one, as the carpets are in need of cleaning.  I really liked the Hoover, it is very easy to use and did a great job cleaning carpets.


What carpet cleaners have you had and find easy to use and do a good job of cleaning carpets? 


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I have the Hoover F7425-900 SteamVac Dual V, it's an old model, bought it in 2002. I've replaced the water tank ($25), the brush has stopped working due to gear turbine failure ($37). The dual V cleans VERY well, I think the unit will last longer if I  go through a cycle with warm water after every use. The only downside is the noise, it is LOUD and I'll say put on the ipod will save your hearing.


I'm sure there are newer models now, go to Barnes and Nobel and check out the latest Consumer Reports buying guide, read the reviews and make an informed decision. Good luck!

I love my Bissell Pro Heat Pet x2...

I don't know much on this topic, so to google I go.

I've found this information for you..its not too comprehensive but a descent list to choose from. One important thing for me is how dry the carpet is afterwards. Any type of wet wood will produce mold and mildew which really dosen't bother use humans given were 5 to 6 foot up in the air but your dog is only 12 inches off the ground so it can really affect their lungs.

I had to remember these things when I had guinea pigs, URI or upper resportory Infection is never fun and hard to treat even in the best of cases.

That is my 2 cents, hope it helps.


Don and Crew

Thank You for your responses everyone, I appreciate it.  I will continue to research them.  I really loved my old Hoover, very easy to use and really did a good job at getting the water out of the carpet, which is very important, as I do not want mold issues!!

Hi All!We also have a Hoover model that has the turbo scrub,the upholster cleanning tool and the easy off features to dump the nasty water in the garage sink and remove the brushes for cleanning.At this point,We only have 2 rooms with carpet left,so Our grown Children use the machine as much as We do.By the way,LOVE LOVE LOVE the new dog grooming tool that fits on the hose of Our Dyson vac!!Neither of our furbabies like the vacuum noise,but the hose is long enough to close in

a room nearby,then stretch far enough that they can't hear the noise.

I'm the proud owner of the Hoover Steamvac Spinscrub - it's a little loud (like Sam's Dual V) but it's been going strong for 2(?) years now. It's awesome. :-)
I now have a new steam cleaner, the Hoover Steam Vac Spinbrush!  I cannot wait to use it tommorrow!


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