Is it just me or does it seem like every corgi sleeps on their back? or lay with their back legs stretched out behind them? how about making those chubaka (or however you spell it) noises? Even their barks are unique. I once had a woman at the park stop and say she could tell from around the corner that my dog was a corgi by its bark. Let me know what funny things your corgi does that seems to be unique and specific to the breed. Who doesn't love their funny little quirks?

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Ours does not sleep on it's back anymore :( miss those days.

Our corgi when he lays down on his side has trouble with his legs sticking straight out. It kind of looks like he is dead because his little feet don't even touch!


Lol!! Yes Molly makes crazy noises too! It's hilarious. I have never heard another type of dog make those crazy noises lol.. Some times she sounds kinda like a monkey and she also has this crazed dog shrill that sounds a little like chewbaca on steroids.
Yup, I guess this would have to be true. Elliot does the same. So cute when he does, I watch him sleep next to me like I did my kids when they were his


Every Corgi I've ever known will sometimes stiff me when I want to give it affection.  I'll call them to me and they'll give me this disgusted look and then go the other way.

Heel nipping, giving you that "Gotta love me" look right after doing something bad, and Ellie is a master at letting my know she's disgusted with me because I'm ignoring her when I am eating (she does her best to coax me for attention and play at those times)---she jumps up on the sofa and flops down on her side with butt up the back of the sofa and head on the seat looking at me as if to say "Fine, be that way!"
Yoda lays on his back while we are eating. I think it is his funny way of begging!
Frosty always begs while sitting flat on his butt with legs stretched straight out in front of him.  I have seen pictures of other corgi's begging, and seems like they all do that.  Sooooo funny!
We call the vocalized yawn the baby predator sound :)


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