Chewey's Photoshoot (was Dee Dee's photoshoot ;->)

The pics that Anthony took of Chewey last month just got posted at:

I'm really happy with them - I thought they came out great!   Now I just have to decide which ones to get prints of ;->


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Wonderful pictures. Wish I lived closer. :( 

Beautiful photographs, for sure!!


I like the one where Chewey is running through the water on the beach and the one where he is sitting on the tree trunk with the moss behind him.


Great pics :)!Thinkin Our corgis need a play date sometime.Kept lookin thru the pics and kept sayin,looks like around Our area,beaches,redwoods etc.Yep,Pretty close,We're up in Napa,but travel down Your way a lot or up to the Sierras..Our Keri girl is the stump climber in the family.Merlin is the wave runner :).I'd have trouble picking My favs.All are wonderful!

Yep, the beach pics were taken down in Aptos and the redwood pics in Nisene Marks...   We actually live in Santa Cruz but Anthony was closer to that area (and it was easier to find more open space where we could have him off-leash).   Two corgis - I'm envious!    I keep thinking I'd love to get another one, although Chewey likes being the center of attention so not sure how well he'd adjust to it.  

Great Pictures!

Love all the photos, especially the ones running on the beach .  A VERY successful photo shoot I must say!  What does a session like that cost where you live?

Sorry for the late reply...  Out of town.   He charges $150 for the "session" (which is a couple hours at least) and that includes a print and an online web gallery - you can buy additional prints ala carte and/or purchase the full-sized digital images if you want other options...  His pricing is on his web-site.  I don't have anything to compare it to price-wise, I fell in love with the pics he took of the other corgis on mycorgi and it seemed reasonable to me....


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